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O3 Swap Official Announcement

Last week, we announced that O3 Swap has partnered with some ventures with the aim to recruit community contributors and cooperative partners to help the development of O3 Swap; however, we have also received some feedback from the community that we wish to address.

O3 Labs Team hereby declares the following:

1. The O3 Labs team has never sold O3 Swap Token in private to individuals. All of the investors in O3 Swap have signed SAFT agreements. We have chosen this group of investors because we believe them to be professional and honorable.

2. According to the SAFT, all of these investors are prohibited from reselling O3 Swap Token. O3 Labs shall terminate the agreement and all future cooperation with the investors if they violate this clause within the SAFT. Each investor is aware of this condition.

O3 Labs team is grateful for all of your passion. We will hold testing events and give rewards once O3 Swap TestNet is online and ready to go.

O3 Labs Team



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