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O3 Wallet | Neo N3 Migration Guide

Available on Desktop Version

  • Please update your O3 Wallet desktop to the latest version 3.8.3 from our website. Always be sure to backup all your private keys before updating.
  • N3 migration is currently supported only on the O3 Wallet desktop.

1. Create a Neo N3 Wallet on the latest desktop version

Open the O3 Wallet desktop, go to the wallet list, select Create at the bottom of the wallet list.

Select Neo N3 on the pop-up window, then click next to set the wallet name and password.

2. Backup the Private Key

Click Manage Wallet on the homepage and go to the wallet details page, where you can check and backup all your wallet information. It is highly recommended to backup the private keys as soon as a wallet is created. Please copy it carefully on a piece of paper in a clear manner, distinguish between upper and lower case and keep it in a safe place. Once the private keys are lost, they cannot be retrieved.

You can switch to Neo Legacy or Neo N3 on the top of the Neo wallet list.

Please note that N3 wallet address begins with the letter N, while Neo Legacy wallet address begins with the letter A. They are incompatible addresses, so you cannot directly transfer from Neo Legacy to Neo N3.

3. Connect to N3 Migration

Go to https://migration.neo.org/. Click CONNECT WALLET or Connect O3 at the upper right corner to connect your Neo Legacy (N2) address on O3 Wallet.

4. Select Migration Asset

Select the asset and the amount you want to migrate.

Click Select an N3 address to connect to your N3 address on O3 Wallet.

Please note that a little amount of GAS is required as the migration fee when you migrate less than 10 NEO or less than 20 GAS.

5. Check Migration Information on O3 Wallet

Click NEXT and confirm the transaction details on the O3 Wallet pop-up window, where you can also edit or cancel the GAS fee.

Please note that you will need to cancel the GAS fee for priority fee if you migrate all GAS, otherwise the GAS fee will exceed the total GAS amount and cause the transaction to fail.

If any information needs to be modified, click Back.

6. Confirm Asset Migration

Click Approve on the pop-up O3 Wallet page and wait for the migration to be completed. You can click View Details to check the migration progress with the tx hash and the corresponding block explorers.

Once the migration is done, you can go to O3 wallet and check the migrated assets. Also, you can check the details on Neo3 NeoTube.

Note: If the amount of NEO migration exceeds 100, the status will change to Done while sending the rewards. You can click Done to view the detailed transaction information.


Before migration, you can check and decrease your UTXO amount on UTXO Manager. If a single transaction contains more than 15 UTXO, additional network fees (GAS) are needed to ensure the successful migration.




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