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O3Labs Monthly Report: August 2021

Looking back on the whole of August, it was a very frightening experience for O3Labs and our users. Despite this, it is an undeniable fact that we still keep working highly to achieve the goals and ensure faster progress towards the roadmap.

Entire Event Recap

August 10th 2021, Poly Network has confronted the biggest unexpected hacker attacks in DeFi history, which relates to $610 Million user assets, making O3 Swap and community members affected and suffered a great loss. Luckily for all, the white-hat hacker safely returned all assets within 15 days after a great deal of communication. And O3 Swap has finished restoring and functionality of all supported cross-chain pools on August 27th.

Check the full conversation here

What’s New?

O3 Swap

  • Completed: O3 Swap V2 (beta ver.) Smart Contract
    Upcoming deployment and testing
  • Several DAO proposals are under consideration
    Upcoming Smart Contract Development
  • Dashboard Module (Info Page) Development

The team is thrilled to share that the O3 Swap’s Dashboard, the upcoming Module on the O3 Swap website, is ready to launch as UI design work has been completed. Data integration and front-end interaction are implemented yet to be revised. Dashboard module allows users to check their detailed assets information on O3 Swap and trace back their transaction history. However, at the current stage, users can click “Recent 5 Transactions” on the homepage of Swap, Hub, and Vault.

  • Daily Maintenance and Code Optimization

The code optimization continues in August to enhance the safety of the user experiences, and deliver the best cross-chain functionality for the use cases. It is important to emphasize that there are no backdoor loopholes in the contracts of O3 Swap.

O3 Wallet


  • Upgraded ETH full nodes regarding London hard fork
  • Upgraded ETH, BSC, and HECO full nodes, repaired EVM vulnerabilities
  • Added ETH ERC721 section data and entered the testing phase


  • Added N3 MainNet service
  • Supported Neo N3 migration
  • Supported O3 Swap with one click
  • Optimized ETH wallet balance and transaction record logic


  • Liquidity Provider Rewards Program

O3 Swap Liquidity Provider Rewards Program was released at the end of August. All users who add liquidity to O3 cross-chain liquidity pools (O3 Pool USDT, ETH-Pool, BTC-Pool, USDC-Pool) will get O3 NFTs as rewards, used for mining, collecting, trading and governance purposes in O3 Swap V2. Anyone interested, please stay tuned and see here for more details!

  • Bug Bounty Program

As a token of our gratitude to thank the white hat hackers, the O3 Labs Team has transferred $200,000 in O3 tokens to White Hat’s address according to the maximum bonus of our Bug Bounty Program. We are looking forward to more outstanding developers and enthusiasts in the blockchain community working with us, the valuable advice is always welcomed and cherished. Please check here for more information on participating in the ongoing Bug Bounty Program.

  • Ice Age Mining #4 on Polygon Network

The 🍨Ice Age Mining #4 coming with the deployment of Polygon started from 4 AM, 29th July 2021 (UTC) on O3 Swap, and the expected end date of the event is 29th September 2021, with a totally of 2,400,000 Polygon blocks (around 61 days). Users can stake (LP-USDC) and O3 (Polygon) to earn O3. The functionality has been fully restored, and community members are welcomed to continue with Ice Age Mining#4 to win more O3 tokens!For more mining details, please check here.


August 28th O3 Swap AMA with MY PET SOCIAL.

August 5th O3 Swap Webinars with Binance Smart Chain: Meet project leaders of BSC Learn And Earn Round 3


Here you can join our communities to access all useful info and the latest news about O3 Labs. Always welcome the questions and appreciate all the feedback.

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🙌🏻Stay tuned to September!



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