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O3Labs Monthly Report: October 2021

Happy November! It’s time for O3 Labs’ October Monthly Report, where the team offers insights on O3 Swap’s & O3 Wallet’s development updates and events over the past month.

So What’s New?

O3 Swap

  1. Supported Arbitrum Network
  2. Released our V1 Dashboard
  3. Completed development of partial V2 modules
  4. Commenced the testing phase of V2’s cross-chain contract

O3 Wallet

Latest Version


  1. Supported iOS15
  2. Supported Arbitrum Network in the wallet module
  3. Supported Aribitrum Network in the Swap module
  4. Optimized the WalletConnect function on Ethereum, BSC, HECO networks


  1. Supported N3 NFT storage
  2. Fixed ledger unlock & signature issues

Download O3 Wallet from o3network.com


  • Ice Age Mining #5 on Arbitrum Network

The Ice Age Mining #5 came with O3 Swap’s deployment on Arbitrum that started at 4 AM, on October 15th, 2021 (UTC). Users can still stake (LP-USDT) and O3 (Arbitrum) to earn O3. For more mining details, please check here.

  • The Icing Sugar Mining #5 on Arbitrum Network Ended

The Icing Sugar Mining #5 came to an end on the 2,418,825th Aribitrum block. Users earned high APY’s by staking select coins in our vault for just over a week’s time.

  • The Jurassic Mining transition period is about to begin!

O3 Swap’s Liquidity Mining officially entered the 14-day Jurassic Mining transition period on October 21, at 16:00 UTC. During the period, the APR% of LP Mining was reduced (except for Arbitrum’s).

  • O3 Swap Dashboard lives on October 12th

O3 Swap Dashboard is committed to accurate data tracking and making DeFi a more user-friendly and accessible experience. Users can check real-time liquidity, volume, and transaction records in one place.

  • HallO3ween HackerPunks Bonanza Concluded

Participation for #HallO3ween HackerPunks Bonanza was the best ever! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun. Congratulations to the first 1,031 winners, and here is the winner’s list where you can check to see if you’ve won. Rewards will be sent to the addresses you sent in the Google Form within 7 days.

  • O3 Swap Staking event on BSC Ended

In celebration of O3 Swap being selected as a Binance Smart Chain MVBIII Monthly Star in earlier October, we held a staking event on BSC with ONTO wallet.

Past AMAs

October 29th O3 Swap joint AMA in BitKeep & BSC DeFi Night

October 28th O3 Swap AMA with Poly Network: Recent Development in O3 Swap

October 25th O3 Swap Q&A Time in the BalancerLabs Discord

October 21st O3 Swap AMA in NeoLive Sessions

October 14th O3 Swap AMA with Pickle Finance

October 11th O3 Labs AMA with Polygon


Here you can join our communities to access all useful info and the latest news about O3 Labs. Questions and feedback are appreciated!

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🙌🏻Stay tuned to November!



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