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Summer Giveaway — Polygon

Ready for the Huge summer giveaway from O3 Labs and the Polygon ecosystem? This summer, O3 cross-chain wallet is uniting Meshswap, KyberNetwork, Polydoge, Zignaly and Algebra from the Polygon ecosystem to have the coolest GIVEAWAY for everyone!

🏆Prize Pool: $12,000 Token Package ($O3, $MATIC, $MESH, $KNC, $Polydoge, $ZIG, $ALGB)

Event time: June 7th 7:00 AM — June 12nd 7:00 AM (UTC)

🙋‍♀️How to Participate: To participate in this event, you need to first go to Givelab, register your account via Twitter or Email, and complete all the tasks that are listed below:

  1. Retweet the Summer Giveaway tweet of O3 Labs;
  2. Follow the official Twitter of each project(O3 Labs, Meshswap, KyberNetwork, Polydoge, Zignaly and Algebra) that hold the giveaway through Givelab;
  3. Submit the Polygon address of O3 Cross-Chain Wallet
  4. Choose one of the project’s tokens ($O3, $MATIC, $MESH, $KNC, $Polydoge, $ZIG, $ALGB) for a transfer interaction in Polygon Network (send from one address to another address) in O3 Cross-Chain Wallet and submit the transaction hash on Givelab (The amounts are not limited). Here is the accurate entry:

The example of task completion is as follows:

Make sure to complete all the tasks in Givelab to be eligible for winning. When the event ends, 200 winners from all participants will be drawn from the Givelab system and each winner will get the equivalent of $60 in a package. The tokens contained in a package given by all participating projects (O3 Labs, Meshswap, KyberNetwork, Polydoge, Zignaly and Algebra).

The rewards will be distributed to the Polygon address of O3 Cross-Chain Wallet that you submit within 15 days after the event ends. Please remember don’t change your Twitter username before the list of winners is announced. Once you receive your token package, you are welcomed to exchange it to another digital asset on o3swap.com!


The number of tokens worth $60 is based on the average price of the tokens on June 8th;
For users who transfer O3 for the first time, you might need to customize the Gas above 90000 on the ‘Set Gas Fee’ page.


The O3 Labs team reserves the right to make the final decision on the outcome of this event.



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