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🚀 Test Now for O3 Rewards!

O3 Swap, O3’s latest cross-chain aggregation protocol is open for trial testing and we are excited to invite you to test it! The current O3 Swap trial modules include Swap and Hub where users can freely trade major assets on heterogeneous chains like ETH, BSC, Neo, and HECO by connecting digital wallets like O3 Wallet and Metamask.

No identity or document verification is necessary. O3 Swap connects directly to decentralized exchanges and finds the best possible price even if it means swapping out many coins to arrive at your target asset. O3 Hub, on the other hand, is a cross-chain pool jointly built by O3Labs and the Poly Network team. Here, users can add multi-chain liquidity (USDT, BUSD, HUSD) to O3 Hub to mine O3 tokens.

Join the new O3 Swap features testing to earn rewards! We’d love to hear your ideas for how we can make O3 Swap better.

Activity period

April 25 — May 10, 2021, 23:59 UTC

Enter to earn O3 Swap Token

*O3 Swap Token (O3) hasn’t been released yet. The reward will be distributed in mid-May.

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