Crypto Off-ramps, Improved Coinbase Asset Management & dApp Discovery with V3 suite of O3 Apps!

Nick Fujita
Jul 24, 2019 · 7 min read

Today we are extremely excited to roll out version 3 of the O3 wallets and applications.

TLDR @ bottom :)

Crypto Off-ramps

This year, we have been focused on improving the ways in which O3 users can quickly and easily get into the NEO ecosystem. The initial implementation of O3 Swap provides a crypto to crypto converter which lets you swap from many of your favorite currencies to NEO/GAS/ONT/ONG.

Since it’s initial launch, we have improved the service to allow for conversions directly from your Coinbase account to these assets in your self custodial wallet. This new Coinbase integration has helped many to provide a new fiat onramp to purchase assets from the smart economy directly with USD equivalents transferred directly from a users bank account, with no additional KYC for existing Coinbase users!

Initial release of O3 Swap

Since it was release we have seen steady growth in usage, as many of you tend to agree that this method of converting assets in a sense feels more decentralized in a way, saves on time to get into the deal quicker, and in some cases saves on the fees associated with traditional exchanges. However, there is always room for improvement.

While we of course want to funnel everyone into the digital assets of the smart economy of the future, the reality is that for many, the main focus is on swapping between assets at ideal times. The service flows great in one direction, but not the other, and for some users, this has been a hangup. So today we would like to announce that we have updated our O3 Swap service along with our Coinbase integrations to provide users the option to now convert from NEO to other digital assets like BTC or ETH, and to the USD fiat equivalent, USDC.

Whether you are an all-in-all-out type of trader, or just looking for an option to directly cash out at the opportune time, we’ve also got your covered. The NEO to BTC/ETH/USDC options have now been added to the O3 Swap service, and if you have your Coinbase account connected, it will automatically generate a fresh address tied to your Coinbase account to receive the assets. Now that there are more options to trade directly to and from NEO with your Coinbase account, we have included a more robust portfolio feature set to help you properly manage your Coinbase account.

Coinbase Connect Improvements

The initial implementation of O3 Coinbase Connect simply allowed you to send assets from your Coinbase account using the O3 Pay on the dAPI. Since then we have expanded this to view your balances on your mobile O3 wallet.

View your Coinbase account balances and transaction history from your O3 wallet

With this release, you can now fully explore your Coinbase account balances on both mobile and desktop, and even review your full transaction history for all your Coinbase purchases in one place (currently only on desktop, mobile coming soon).

Send assets from your Coinbase account directly from your O3 wallet

Enhanced account privacy

The O3 Pay dAPI has been further enhanced to allow your to get addresses for the various assets you can hold in your coinbase account. The address generation is done in a way so that you always get a new address for an asset every time, while ensuring that the new address is connected to your overall balance in your Coinbase account. This will help to protect you from potentially leaking your account balance to anyone you are receiving funds from, since every address you send to people will be a new empty address. While all transactions on the blockchain are fully visible to everyone, by making a new address for every transaction your receive, you can help to maintain privacy for your blockchain account balances.

Newly created empty address to protect account balance privacy

Sending assets on-chain and off-chain

Furthermore beyond the dAPI, you can also quickly and easily send and receive assets from your Coinbase account from within the wallet itself. Allowing you to send your friends money or pay for services directly from your wallet, and view these transactions all in one place. The send service allows for both on chain and off-chain transactions.

With on chain transactions, you enter the blockchain address of the receiving wallet, the appropriate mining/transaction fee will be charged automatically by Coinbase, and the transaction will be processed in the next block of the receiving chain once processed by Coinbase.

Alternatively, if the receiving party also has a Coinbase account, you can just enter their coinbase account email to send the assets to them off-chain. These types of off-chain transactions are fully managed by the Coinbase servers, and will be executed instantly and without having to pay any fees.

Something for everyone

Lastly regarding the Coinbase integration, we just wanted to remind our users that although O3 Coinbase Connect feature brings the most value to residents in the United States, and other countries in which Coinbase allows it’s users to buy and sell digital assets, anyone around the world is free to open a Coinbase account. While a user in a country where Coinbase does not allow buying and selling of digital assets, these users can still use Coinbase as purely a custodial solution to holding their digital assets. While do believe in self custody, and try to encourage as many people to hold their assets in a wallet in which only they have full access to the private key, this reality is that many are still used to how traditional centralized financial account systems work.

New Discovery Page

With V3 of the wallet applications have all been updated with a new discover tab. Here you can learn about new and popular applications in the ecosystem, read the latest news in the smart economy, and browse an ever expanding list of digital assets.

Keep up to date with the latest news and features
Access your favorite smart economy apps
Learn about new assets

We hope that this page will help users to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the smart economy, and to discover your next favorite project.

In App Support

Ever had a question about how to use a feature in a O3 app? Since we started the O3 Community site back in March 2018, we’ve seen many of you reach out with questions, and more importantly refer to others previous questions to resolve your own issues. This community forum seems to be a great place for general questions on app usage, but in order to improve a more direct feedback loop, we’ve integrated support directly into the apps.

In the mobile app, you can find this in the settings tab, under Help>Contact Us.

In the desktop app, you can find this in the settings tab. There will be a Help button on the bottom right. Here you can ask your question to review answers to commonly asked questions, or directly contact us from this help tab with a description of your issue and a screenshot.


The V3 suite of O3 apps brings the following updates:

O3 Swap

  • Updated to allow swaps from NEO to BTC/ETH/USDC

iOS & Android

  • Updated Coinbase integration to send and receive assets via O3 Pay on Swap app or the O3 Pay dApp


  • New profile for connected Coinbase account. View balances, transaction history, historical pricing information, send assets, and receive assets, all directly from your O3 wallet

Thanks for reading!

Hope you all enjoy the new features in V3 of the wallets and apps, and we will continue to release more new features in the march to realizing the smart economy.

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter. It has all the latest juicy gossip on what the team is up to and whats coming next for O3.

O3 wallet is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. Download it today from:

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Nick Fujita

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O3 Labs

O3 Labs

O3 Labs is the mobile gateway to the smart economy!

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