Improved dApp Interactions on O3 Desktop

Nick Fujita
Apr 29, 2019 · 4 min read

As the ecosystem continues to grow, more developers are choosing to integrate the standard dAPI provider interface to allow their users a safe sign transactions without exposing their private keys. In the initial implementation of interacting with dApps via the O3 desktop wallet, all interfaces for connecting and signing transactions took place in the wallet itself. This posed a problem for users, as they were not able to have access to review their wallets funds when choosing which wallet to connect, or whether or not to sign a transaction.

The experience was also less than ideal, as every time the user needed to interact with a dApp, their entire wallet window would pop up, and if your are a full screen wallet user, this means your entire screen became obstructed just to display the much smaller bit of relevant information.

Thanks to our passionate user base, we’ve collected meaningful insights such as this, and have improved these interactions by giving dApp related UI their very own system level interface.


All dApp related interactions will now be featured as a part of the O3 tray icon in your operating system notifications bar. This new dedicated interface helps to separate user interactions between directly managing their wallets and interacting with dApps. In addition, this new system level tray menu provides many new conveniences!

Upon opening the new tray menu, you can quickly get access to your most recently used apps or open any of your wallets with one click. The wallet list also helps you to quickly differentiate between the different wallet types: encrypted key, watch address, ledger address.

On the apps tab, you can quickly search and access the full list of O3 connected apps.

With the ever growing list of available apps, users will inevitably need to manage the different apps that are connected at any point in time. In the sessions tab, you can review all active connects between your O3 wallet and the various apps. From here, you can quickly disconnect any active connection to minimize the apps that are linked to your wallet at any one time.

This list also provides with your most recent connections, and what account you connected to them. From this list, you can automatically open this app, and be connected to the same account without having to be prompted again for a connection!

Lastly, we have added new options to our settings menu that give you more control over how your O3 wallet interacts at the system level, with respect to things like auto starting and backgrounding your O3 app when you start up your computer.

By auto starting and keeping the O3 app open in the background, it helps to provide you with a seamless experience, as you interact with any O3 connected apps anywhere on the open internet!

We hope you enjoy the usability improvements that these changes bring, and if you have any more feedback or suggestions, we would be happy to speak with you! Please reach out to us any time on our community forum.

You can directly download or find links to the Apple and Microsoft app stores for version 2.1.6 on our website.

Nick Fujita

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O3 Labs

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