Introducing Non Fungible Tokens on NEO

First off, we would like to extend a thank you to hal0x2328 from the Hashpuppies team for all of his work in developing the Non Fungible Token proposal and initial contract. Without it none of this would be possible.

What is a Non Fungible Token and why should you care?
A non fungible token might be better described as a digital item. Today, people all over the world own digital items, these include items in video games, software licenses, and subscriptions to various online services among others.

Moving these types of items into a decentralized system would allow for freer movement of digital assets, and guarantees about authenticity. So you, the user, would know that you have full control of your items that created in the digital world.

Today we’re sharing our work about bringing NFT’s (digital items) into the NEO ecosystem.

Built by O3

We’re deploying three key parts of the NFT puzzle today.

  1. NFT Explorer and Manager
  2. O3 Token Foundry
  3. Developer Platform updates and integrations

Let’s go into each one of these in detail

NFT Explorer

The NFT Explorer will allow you to search for any NFT that is located on the NEO blockchain which conforms to the latest version of the NFT Standard. There are currently two such contracts deployed on the NEO testnet. Hashpuppies and the O3 Foundry. You can either search by an address or contract to find NFT’s. We’ve prepopulated the O3 Foundry with some dank memes for you to enjoy.

However just looking at someone else’s NFT isn’t that much fun. Which is why we created the O3 Foundry.

O3 Foundry

The Token Foundry is a place for developers and token enthusiasts to create their own Non Fungible Tokens. It’s as simple as picking a giphy url and a recipient, and delivering an NFT to that address.

Note: Minting Tokens relies on the O3 dAPI, so you’ll need to have O3 desktop installed and set to TestNet in order to mint tokens. Download it here

once the token is successfully minted you should be able to see it on Neoscan as delivered to your address

Now that you have your dank meme securely in your possession, you can check out the token manager and share NFT’s to your hearts content.

Developer Platform updates and integrations

One of the core goals of this release is to have a way for developers to interact with the NEO dAPI in a way that doesn’t require outside investment just to get started.

If you’re a developer check out the latest version of the O3 dAPI testbed and interact with the NFT contract to your hearts content. You might even be able to find some easter eggs if you’re studious ;)

So get out there and build something cool!

Moving Forward

We hope that this work will help us move forward towards finalizing the NEO NFT proposal and open up a new aspect of the Smart Economy that was previously untapped.

In the future we will look at ways to integrate main net Non Fungible Tokens directly into the O3 wallet, and expand the consumer use case of tokens minted in the O3 foundry, but we won’t share those details today :P

So check out the NFT Explorer today and mint some of your own tokens!

Looking to build something awesome?

If you have an idea for your application, or feedback on existing O3 apps, please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!

O3 wallet is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. Download it today from:

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