O3 Desktop Improves Account Permissions for dApp Interactions

Nick Fujita
Apr 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Version 2.0.5 of the O3 desktop app is now live! With this update comes an improved account permissions model, which allows users to interact dApps via the dAPI in a more fluid and secure manner.

Up to this point, when a dApp requests to connect, users must authenticate the account just to identify themselves. This created an unnecessary step in the flow of using the dApp, and required users to unlock their accounts for seemingly no reason. In order to minimize the the amount of time any account in the wallet is unlocked, the need for authentication has been pushed further back until a signature is required from the user to broadcast a transaction.

Additionally, the requirement so early in the dApp connection experience prevented the use of watch addresses from being connected to dApps, such as NEO Economy, which just require an account address to perform a read-only analysis on the portfolio. By allowing watch addresses to be connected with dApps, users now have more flexibility with how they can use dApps such as O3 Swap. In the past, if you wanted to convert your BTC to NEO, the dApp could auto-populate your receipt address via the dAPI. However due to the previous requirement to login before making a connection this was not accessible to watch addresses, which may represent a friends address or an offline paper wallet for safe keeping. Enabling read-only connections with watch addresses allows users to now take full advantage of the automation the dAPI can provide.

This feature was recently also made available for any Ledger addresses in the wallet, so that you could utilize dApps like Staketology, and check on your Ontology staking authorizations, without having to connect or unlock your ledger device.

With the coming update to 2.0.5, there is one small caveat. In order to provide the most fluid experience with backwards compatibility, you will still be asked to connect your Ledger device (not sign anything) for Ledger accounts, and to continue to log into your encrypted key accounts a single time to enable this feature. Once you have done this once, you can then enjoy the improved fluidity of dApp connections for that account.

We hope hope to continue to improve the security and usability of dApps from the suite of O3 applications, and if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our community forum!

You can directly download or find links to the Apple and Microsoft app stores for version 2.0.5 on our website.

Nick Fujita

Written by

O3 Labs

O3 Labs

O3 Labs is the mobile gateway to the smart economy! https://o3.network

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