O3 Fiat Gateway — Phase 1

Arco Oliemans
Mar 31 · 3 min read

It was a very very very very very very very long ago that we announced a fiat gateway was coming to O3. It feels like forever ago that we started working on it. We were supposed to launch it towards the end of last year, but unfortunately there were some issues that were out of our control and we had to wait them out. Even a month ago, we were ready to launch but got another surprise on the legal side of things. But let’s forget about that, we are finally ready to go!

We are happy to announce that from today you are able to buy NEO with VISA or Mastercard through O3. This means that you can now go from USD or EUR to NEO directly without going through an exchange. It’s a very simple process, just go to https://buy.o3.network/ and try it out!

A quick explanation of how it works:

  1. Go to https://buy.o3.network/
  2. Fill in the amount of NEO that you want to buy
  3. Use the connect button to fill in your receiving wallet address or fill it in manually
  4. Double check your order, agree to terms and confirm
  5. Do KYC (only one time), verify yourself, and fill in your credit card details
  6. That’s it, the NEO should show up in your O3 wallet in about 10–15 minutes!

Nobody likes KYC but it is part of compliance and it only needs to be done once, the second time you buy, everything will be almost instant. Some other things that you should consider when buying:

  • Minimum buy amount: $50 or €50
  • Maximum buy amount: $20,000 or €20,000 🤑
  • Best rate becomes available with purchases above $200 or €200

The first person that buys the max amount will get a free pair of O3 socks 🧦

What next?

We believe that though it is a great addition to the NEO ecosystem there are still other additional options out there for our fiat gateway. Credit card payments are fast and this solution will give users a way to instantly buy NEO and trade or spend it in any of the dApps in O3. But credit card payments often come with high risk for the companies handling them, resulting in higher fees.

As you might have noticed in the title we mentioned that this is phase 1 of the fiat gateway. Before anyone starts asking ‘Wen phase 2? 🤷‍♂️’, please give us some time to figure everything out. We do have a couple of other options and are in the process of reviewing which works best, but each of them comes with the necessary regulatory compliance. Also, this differs again for each region/country so most likely coming additions to the O3 fiat gateway will be released step by step and per region as we find out which partners and licenses we need where and how to get them. As you can imagine, that might take a bit of time, but we’re here to stay and thus will continue working on it until we get what we want for our users.

For now we hope you are all just as excited as us with the launch of the O3 Fiat Gateway! Please do try it out, and if you have any questions you know where to find us:

If you have any urgent trouble you can also shoot us an e-mail at support@o3.network and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

O3 wallet is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. Download it today from: https://o3.network

O3 Labs

O3 Labs is the mobile gateway to the smart economy! https://o3.network

Arco Oliemans

Written by

O3 Labs

O3 Labs

O3 Labs is the mobile gateway to the smart economy! https://o3.network

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