O3 now supports BTC, ETH & more with Coinbase Connect

Andrei Terentiev
Jul 2 · 3 min read

With the latest release of O3 for Mobile & Desktop, we are super excited to announce that O3 now supports most major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Litecoin, EOS and many more! This is possible thanks to our integration with Coinbase.

One major problem cryptocurrency users have today is managing all of their cryptoassets at once. This because these assets are stored in a variety of places including hardware wallets, mobile and desktop wallets, custodial exchanges, or inside of smart contracts.

Keeping track of all of these assets in each application is often a nightmare, and using them is even harder. At O3 we always strive to make cryptocurrency easier to use, which is why we’re introducing a brand new feature on O3’s applications, Coinbase Connect.

Coinbase connect will allow you to link your Coinbase account into O3. After linking, you’ll be able to view and manage your portfolio assets.

Connect your Coinbase account in O3’s settings menu, and get access to all your assets in your portfolio view.

If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, no problems, it only takes a few minutes to sign up for one, and even if purchasing via Coinbase isn’t available in your country yet, you can still use their wallet features to store your Bitcoins and other assets.

Our research has shown that while some users keep their assets only in decentralized wallets, the vast majority of users split their funds between custodial accounts and their own personal accounts. This makes sense as there are benefits to having a custodial account; for instance Coinbase can insure your digital currency, whereas losing your private key leads to an unrecoverable loss of funds.

The transition between a custodial account and your own wallet is often very difficult, but by connecting a decentralized wallet directly to your exchange account, it should give every cryptocurrency user more freedom on how to allocate and manage their assets.

Buy NEO from your Coinbase Account using O3 Swap

Just viewing your portfolio isn’t the only thing that you can do now with O3 and Coinbase Connect. You can also buy NEO and other assets directly from your Coinbase account using the O3 Swap App.

Use the O3 Swap Dapp to buy NEO from your Coinbase account

This will allow you to buy NEO from Coinbase without having to use another exchange. We’ve created this as another great fiat gateway. Simply deposit USD into your Coinbase account, convert to USDC for zero fees and then perform the swap via O3. The NEO will be sent directly to your O3 Wallet.

Looking Forward

We see O3 as a great hub for all things cryptocurrency. To that end, we plan on adding additional exchange accounts like Binance, as well as smart contract accounts like the Switcheo Exchange Contract, to allow for a seamless experience when managing your crypto assets.

O3 is moving forward its vision of connecting the Smart Economy one step at a time.

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