OWallet Ledger Address: NEP5 Recovery

Nick Fujita
Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read

With the release of the Ontology main net, ONT NEP5 tokens on the NEO chain are requested to be swapped for main net ONT before September 30th, 2018. As with all things related to a new product release, there are bound to be some bumps along the way, and this token swap has been no exception.

For those users who have installed the Ontology OWallet application with the hopes of securely managing their funds on their Ledger devices were quick to notice that the address produced for this application differed to that on their NEON or O3 wallet. The reason for this is that while Ontology uses the same address schema as NEO, the decision was made to change the address block of allotted addresses for Ledger devices on the ONT Ledger app. Unfortunately, these addresses are not compatible with NEO applications, whereas the NEO based address block is compatible with both ONT and NEO applications. For this reason, if users of OWallet, with a Ledger device sent any NEO, GAS, or NEP5 tokens to the address generated on OWallet, there were inaccessible until the most recent updates to the O3 Desktop and NEO Ledger applications were released.

If you have not yet started your NEP5 ONT token swap or are using a Ledger device to manage your NEO and ONT assets, please refer to ether of the following guides to get started. This guide is to aide those existing Ledger users who used OWallet, in recovering their NEO based assets.

O3 Desktop: Setup Guide

O3 Desktop: Import Ledger wallet

O3 Desktop: Ontology NEP5 to MainNet Token Swap


  • Install the latest version of the O3 Desktop application. The latest version that supports the funds recovery is v0.1.6, and can be found at O3.network. The version number can be found on the bottom of the menu bar when on the wallet dashboard.
  • Make sure to use the Ledger Live desktop application to update your NEO app on your Ledger device. Open Ledger Live, click Manager, click the trash icon on the NEO app to uninstall it from your device, then after uninstalling click Install to install version 1.3.2
  • Open the O3 Desktop application
  • Click Add Wallet
  • Click LEDGER, and open the NEO app on your Ledger device
  • Click the checkbox labeled Ontology only addresses
  • The first address in the new address list should be your address that was created with OWallet. Select this address.
  • Give the wallet a name
  • Click Create
  • You should now be on the wallet dashboard, with full access to your NEO and ONT funds. It is suggested to move any funds from this address to a NEO compatible address on your Ledger device.

Funds r safu!

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