Win Prizes with FTW, now live in O3

We’re please to announce a new dAPP available in O3. FTW is a decentralized gaming platform, where you can create your own lotteries and raffles in a decentralized manner. FTW uses the NEO dAPI proposal which allows for secure communication with dAPPs, without your private key ever leaving your wallet. Check out FTW today on desktop or mobile today.

A Word From the FTW Team

While I was working on o3 integration for the FTW project, I felt so glad that o3 made this progress for NEO. I spent a lot of time coding our own wallet (in our app) to support our products, but now, NEO devs, including myself don’t have to waste time anymore to develop a wallet GUI to support projects because you can rely on o3 to handle it all. O3 api is a great example of how the NEO smart economy should and will grow all together. Kudos to O3!

We look forward to working with the FTW team in the future, as they continue push decentralized gaming forwards.

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