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Oak Security and Solidified Join Forces

We are pleased to announce that Oak Security has acquired the business of Solidified which will allow the two companies to secure the blockchain ecosystem as a joint entity. Whilst the two companies have collaborated and shared resources since Oak Security’s inception, the companies will now fully integrate and operate under Oak Security’s EU-registered legal entity.

US-based Solidified was founded in 2017 as a first community-based security service provider for the Ethereum ecosystem. Solidified pioneered the end-user friendly smart contract auditing process, which sees audit results transparently published to establish community confidence in the security of crypto projects. Solidified helped secure some of the largest ventures on the blockchain such as Argent, Gnosis, OpenSea, Immutable, Nexus Mutual, Polymath and others.

German-based Oak Security was founded in 2021 to provide similar security solutions to emerging third-generation blockchain platforms, such as Cosmos, Flow, Polkadot, Solana and Terra, and using a methodology and processes inspired by Solidified.

Having shared resources and collaborated extensively, we have now decided to officially integrate the two entities. The finalized deal sees Oak Security acquiring the Solidified brand and resources. Although Solidified has been brought underneath Oak Security’s umbrella, both companies will continue operating with their existing, already aligned, processes and resources. Importantly, the battle-tested Solidified auditor team maintains its experienced members and will perform services under the same management as before.

The most important aspect of any auditing company is its talent. Integrating Oak Security and Solidified allows for a bigger joint auditor pool, with better utilization and expertise sharing. For the public, the integration will not cause any disruption, as both brands will continue to work independently.

Eduard Kotysh, Solidified’s Founder and CEO will join Oak Security in a hands-on advisory position to contribute his more than 5-year experience in performing and managing Ethereum security audits.

Oak Security and Solidified’s joint service offering includes smart contract, protocol and application-level security audits of blockchain technology, in addition to economic model verification services and threat modelling. Platforms covered include Cosmos (Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm), Ethereum (and compatible EVM-based chains), Flow, Polkadot, Solana and Terra.

We are excited to continue securing the blockchain ecosystem as a bigger and stronger joint undertaking!



Blockchain and smart contract secutity

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