Quick wins with a Service Expert Review

Have you ever wanted to know how well your service is received by your customers? Or did you want to do a quick review on your product, service or business performance and reveal how you could improve them? At Oak & Morrow we’ve learned that most of our customers nowadays think that Agility and Scrum means that there is ‘no time for research’ or ‘let us together create a design in just one week’. But this is simply not true! You cannot design a good solution-fit design if you don’t know what is going wrong in the customer journey at first!

That is why we created our own pressure-cooker research offering: a Service Expert Review. We challenge one of your current services and operations in your organisation with an intensive three-days audition by one of our experts.

Why did we developed a three-day research process? Well, we noticed organisations find the need for it when time is short and budget is low for an extensive research process, or when they want quick results on the ways to improve their current service. Normally, an expert review is done to reveal problems or map ways for the optimisation of a product or service. The review can be done at any moment in the design process, though normally functions as the kickoff of a new collaborative project.

During an Service Expert Review, we analyse your current service structure on user-friendliness, accessibility, consistency, desirability and brand experience from a customer’s point of view. This means we’ll act like a customer, talk like a customer and think like a customer, while noting all challenges and opportunities of your service. We’ll also take a look behind the curtain, from the business perspective, and talk with various people from within your firm. This helps us to understand the decision-makings behind the service. The results are presented and evaluated with the organization.

Just to be clear, our Service Expert Review will not fully replace the research stage of any project, (we would still recommend do to an appropriate amount of research for each project) and our SER gives you a strong idea of what research is capable of just within three days!

What does an Expert Review look like?

Our expert review process is a highly short-paced challenging review, and works as followed:

  • Day 1 — We experience the service structure of (one of) your offerings using a deep dive. One of our experts will attempt to achieve end-users’ goals with a predefined assignment for the product or service in question. By placing ourselves in the shoes of the potential end-user, we will examine the interface(s) in context and write down recommendations that help the customer achieve their user goals and the product owner to better achieve their business goals.
  • Day 2 — After day one, We interview to three up to five people; from the CEO to service managers and employees at the service support. With the expert review performed we start with the end-user in mind while try to understand your system en the business goals of your offering. Our expert processes this information into morphologic personas (read our article to know more about this topic). We decide together with our client to prioritise on which end-user we should focus. For each prioritised user we generate scenario’s based on the information from day one and day two.
  • Day 3 — On day three, we collect all information and present the challenges and opportunities back to your organisation. You will be able to get fast, low cost, independent expert feedback at almost any stage of their product or service journey. This data is supported by detailed feedback on each step of the user journey by internal employees along with a strategic perspective from our studio on how the product or service may need to refocus upon customer needs.

How can an Expert Review deliver you quick wins?

So, as a recap why an expert review can help you with some (quick) wins:

  • You want to have immediate insights of (one of) your services;
  • You want to do low-cost research on a short-term period;
  • If you need a prioritised list with quick improvements and solutions;
  • Want to reach new customers with low-cost insights from the internal organisation;
  • If you want already valuable insights after only three days;

Interested to know more about our Service Expert Review? Contact us or clap your hands to show your interest :)