Design your next event for maximum insight (and value) generation

Jason Portnoy
Oct 11, 2018 · 1 min read

I’m a big fan of Dr. David Rock at The NeuroLeadership Institute after being introduced to him through the Kauffman Fellowship program. I recently watched this video about designing events to maximize insight generation from audiences and I thought it was excellent.

In the video David offers some really valuable suggestions for using their AGES framework to help you tailor your event to your audience for optimal learning and value. The components of the AGES framework are:

A: Attention

G: Generation

E: Emotion

S: Spacing

David explains each component and gives examples of how he and his team have successfully crafted events to address each one, leading to events that receive high praise from attendees.

Whether you are planning a small team off-site or a company-wide event, I think this is a valuable video to watch before you start preparing.

Full video on this page: Rethinking How We Conference - The Science of Successful Events.

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