Bottled water is the biggest marketing trick of our century

Does it look familiar?

After you order your meal at a restaurant, waiter would often ask you “Would you like to have some water?” Without a hesitation you order for a chilled water bottle. This is absolutely normal for you.

Buying a packaged drinking water to quench your thirst after a crazy work out session is normal as well.

But it might absolutely abnormal for the environment. Water bottles take the highest credit to the plastic pollution causing a havoc to the wildlife and the ocean life. Each bottle that you consume takes whopping 450 years to degrade into the environment, which means the total plastic humanity has ever created has not yet sunken.

But is our habit worth it ? Is bottle water actually better than tap water. The news is, Its not ! It might definitely taste better and unnatural because of all the minerals added into the water. That is the selling pitch for all the beverage industries to build an impression that bottled water is safer. But if you get clean water for cheap from your tap, why purchase a bottle which is 2000 times higher and creates a negative impact to the environment.

But brands are hesitant to use it as they don’t want to compromise over the shine a newly made plastic gives, though recycled plastics consume 70% less energy than the virgin plastics.Have you noticed that most of the top soft drink companies like Coca cola and Pepsico play a great share in the bottled water industry. There are multiple brands under these sole companies which in exchange pollute the surrounding rivers and destroy the ecosystem around the manufacturing plant.Greenpeace came up with a study that said the top 5 soft drink companies only use up to 6.6% of the recycled plastic.

Though the brands are just addressing the demand over the safety and taste, it’s been proven wrong that it does not do anything miraculous to your body but would cause an irreparable dent in the environment.

You can still always get clean water after ditching a water bottle

  1. You could carry your own reusable stainless steel water bottle.
    2. Buy a portable water purifier bottle if you are extra cautious. 
    3. Never miss a chance to fill it up at a friendly local stores, cafeteria or the library.
    4. Ask the restaurants to provide you with tap water.

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