UPDATED: A Busy Sunday at Cannon Hill

Information about our meeting as 40,000 people come to the park

On Sunday 6th August 2017, Cannon Hill Park plays host to the annual Big John’s Birmingham Mela, the UK’s largest South-Asian festival with 40,000 people expected for a day of live music, food, culture, art and sport. That’s a big event, and so it may well have an impact on our regular Sunday meeting at the mac. The mac is also running a couple of big shows in their indoor and outdoor theatres on the same day, which has more of an impact on the rooms we’re able to use.

The Mela doesn’t start until 12pm, and so whilst it’s expected that the area will already be busier than normal in the morning, it won’t be as busy as later on in the day. Road closures are however in place from 9am, with Edgbaston Road (outside the Cricket Ground) and Russell Road closed. So, if you’re coming from Kings Heath/Moseley, you’ll need to head to Pershore Road, and access the mac car park through the Nature Centre entrance. This will be stewarded, but they’ll let you through if you say you’re coming for an event at the mac (providing that there are still spaces left when you arrive; there’s more below on what to do if there aren’t any left).

Despite all that, we’re still meeting at the usual time, 10am for a 10:30am start, but our community time will take place on the 1st floor of the mac, in the Performance Studio, rather than in the Arena Bar. Look out for the Welcome Team in their orange t-shirts to help direct you upstairs. As it was on the 30th July, Creche will also be on this level, with OKC & Rainbows (once they go out having joined the main meeting for worship) at their usual place in the Deloitte Room.

Thanks for bearing with us! Here are a few others things you can do though to help ensure things run smoothly on Sunday:

Top tips

  • Arrive nice and early. We gather from 10am on Sunday, so please do aim to get there for then, which ensures we can have a great time hanging out as a community and then begin the meeting on time at 10:30am. It’s worth leaving a bit of extra time if you can, just in case.
  • Try to use alternative transport if you can. Parking will be limited, but the weather’s looking good for Sunday, so do consider walking or cycling if you can.
  • Look for alternative parking. Try the mac/Nature Centre car parks first, but if they’re already full up, just head along Pershore Road to Calthorpe Park, which is becoming a big car park for the day. It’s only a five minute walk away, and there’s a map here.

If you have any questions or queries, just drop us a message on richard@theoasischurch.com and we’ll try and help!