Building Culture: Love

In the second part of our ‘Building Culture’ series, Adrian explored how we can know love, and then from that place begin to reveal it to those around us and increasingly shape the environments we’ve each been uniquely placed.

You can listen to the talk using the embedded player to the left, and in this blog, he provides a recap of some of the key points: how we cultivate a deeper understanding of this love by experiencing it in God, and how we cultivate it in our own lives by dying to our own rights, experiences and needs.

Cultivate from experience

Love is…
…patient not impatient
…self-restrained, not hotheaded
…kind not hurtful
…truthful not deceitful
…protecting not exposing
…trusting not cynical
…hopeful not despairing
…persevering, does not quit
…keeps no record of wrongs, does not hold on and remind

Love is not….
…envious but celebrates in others success
…boastful and proud but is humble
…rude but is polite
…self-seeking but is unselfish
…easily angered but is understanding
…delighting in evil but enjoys what is good

God of love who…
…is never irritated but rather is always patient
…never seeks to expose my vulnerabilities but seeks to protect me
…never quits on me but rather perseveres
…never holds on but rather always forgives
…is never cynical but rather continues to be trusting
…is never hurtful but rather is always kind
…never causes me to despair but rather always gives me hope

Cultivate by dying

Dying to my right…
…to be irritated, in order to be patient
…to expose someone’s vulnerabilities, in order to protect them
…to quit, in order to persevere
…to hold on, in order to forgive

Dying to my experiences…
…which cause me to be cynical, in order to be trusting
…which cause me to be hurtful, in order to be kind
…which cause me to despair, in order to have hope

Dying to my need…
…for recognition, in order that I would not boast or be self seeking
…for a reputation, in order that I would not be deceitful but truthful
…to compare that causes me to be jealous, in order to celebrate in others success


  1. Do you know this love?
  2. What do you need to do to live more in the fact you are loved?
  3. What do you need to die to in order to build love?