Catalyst Festival: Offering

Each year at the Catalyst Festival, the gathering of churches we’re connected to, we take up an offering to support work in this country and overseas. Last year, over £200,000 was raised thanks to the incredible generosity of everyone who gave. The money raised has funded a number of church plants, projects and conferences, including funding an apostolic base in Pakistan, supporting the church plant in Istanbul, and funding teams and projects in Albania, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. A portion of the offering was also set aside to subsidise the Catalyst Festival; enabling Catalyst to keep the festival ticket price as low as possible so that many more people can be connected together, strengthened and inspired to advance the Kingdom of God wherever they are.

This year’s offering will be another opportunity to support churches overseas. Once again we’ll be funding work in Pakistan, Istanbul, Ethiopia, Somalia, Albania, Tanzania and Uganda, and also looking to support work in Russia, elsewhere in the Balkans, Beirut and Guinea through apostolic support and church planting training. Some of the offering will support churches facing particular crises, both in our own sphere and elsewhere in Newfrontiers, bearing in mind that our friends around the world do not have access to the financial resources we do here in the UK. And once again a portion of the offering will go to supporting the Festival.

As always with Oasis, we never want this to be a heavy thing. When we come to give, we do so out of a recognition of what we have received from God and a desire to bless others as we ourselves have been blessed. As we say every week on a Sunday, we think of giving as worshipping in a different way; remembering that God is more interested in the heart of the giver than the amount given.

Here’s a video that explains a bit more about what the offering does, and who it goes towards supporting:

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