Recordings, notes and application questions

Each week, we produce notes, discussion points and application questions for the Sunday talks — helping you go deeper into everything we’re looking at together and resourcing our Small Groups during the week. Use the embedded player to listen to the talk, or click here to visit Soundcloud and download it on a PC. You can also find the accompanying Powerpoint presentation here.

Key Passages

  • Genesis 1
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Psalm 8
  • Colossians 1:15–20
  • 1 Corinthians 12:12


The poem of Genesis 1 is not so much concerned with how God made everything, as who God is and why He created. The home that God originally made for us in creation is mirrored by the way He works new creation, bringing us back to living a life with Jesus at the centre and finding our home in Him. Home, therefore includes:

Wonder — There is so much awe and wonder in creation for us to enjoy (macro and micro). There is so much awe and wonder in contemplating the gospel as the vehicle of new creation (Col 1:15–20).

Formed and Filled — Days 1–3 of the creation account are mirrored by days 4–6 in the poetic structure such that what is first formed is then filled. One expression of this in the new creation is how Jesus forms and fills the church as his body, to make known the goodness of God to the world (1 Cor 12:12)

Life — Creation was always to be bursting with life (Gen 1:22,28). In the same way, God sends us into the world to tell of (and demonstrate) the abundant life that is given in Christ (Matt 28:18–19)

Sustained — The Lord Himself provides all that is needed to sustains us in creation (Gen 1:29–30) and the Lord continues to be our provider, such that we simply receive what He freely gives to sustain us holistically (John 15:5)

Good — Creation was declared to be Good. All goodness flows from God and so reveals Him. We are called to walk in His goodness, passing it on in order to make Him known (Matt 5:16)


During the talk, Adrian pauses to show a video produced by the team at Google. As you watch that below, allow it to stir wonder and worship in you at the God who made it all!

Application Questions

1. What spoke to you most about Sunday?

2. WONDER: What provokes you to wonder? How will you build in more time to wonder and worship the God of creation? How can you bring this habit into everyday life?

3. FORMED & FILLED: What does it mean for you to play your part in building home within the context of Oasis Church? (The body needs you — not you trying to be someone else, but you being you!)

4. LIFE: How are you seeking to make disciples? Or what do you need to do to embrace this aspect of Home? (remembering that enjoying Jesus is the key to sharing Jesus in with our words and deeds)

5. SUSTAINED: How will you live more dependent on Jesus as the life giving, fruit producing Vine (John 15)?

6. GOOD: How will you live more celebrating what is good both in what you see and do?