Encounters with Jesus: Road

Jesus and the Disciples on the Road to Emmaus

Jesus transformed ordinary moments into extraordinary encounters wherever he went. As we explore some of those stories together, we’re invited to come and encounter him afresh ourselves. Each week, we’re producing notes, discussion points and application questions for the Sunday talks from our ‘Encounters with Jesus’ series — helping you go deeper into everything we’re looking at together and resourcing our Small Groups during the week. Use the embedded player to listen to the talk, or click here to download it on a PC.

Key Passage

  • Luke 24:13–35


Confusion Seen: On the road to Emmaus the disciples are found confused, downcast and doubting, unable to see God in the events of recent days. They walk together discussing these thoughts openly, not hiding them away. Jesus meets them in their confusion and doubt. In fact, by giving voice to their doubts, the disciples are open to receive revelation from Jesus leading them into liberating truth.

Jesus Seen: As Jesus unpacks the scriptures to these disciples, they see that the whole Bible is all about Him and their hearts burn with passion for Jesus as a result. Progressively, over the course of a journey, Jesus brings them out of confusion and into clarity. Their eyes are further opened as Jesus breaks bread with them at the table and they realise who He is — the Risen Saviour, their God! Joyful excitement comes with encountering the risen Jesus.

He invites us to walk with Him through our confusion and doubts, to see Him through the scriptures, to encounter Him through the breaking of bread in communion. And as we see Him — the risen Saviour — our hearts too will burn with delight in Him.

Application Questions

- What spoke to you most from the talk on Sunday?

About God
What does this passage tell us about how God responds to those who are confused / doubting?
- How can we journey with God from confusion and doubt to greater clarity and faith?
- What are some of the ways Jesus makes Himself known to us as seen in this passage? How can we increasingly embrace this ourselves?

About Us
Share some stories of how God has met you in a place of confusion / doubt. How can we journey with each other through these times?
- Have you experienced ‘heart burning’ moments of seeing Jesus as He is? Share some stories.
- What is the difference between doubt and unbelief?
- Why is the resurrection such heart-warmingly good news?

About the World
How does Jesus’ resurrection change the way you view….Your work? Your relationships? The environment? The needs of the communities around us?

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