Evening Meetings

Evening Meetings at Oasis return on Sunday 11th September after a break for the summer! These provide a moment to connect with God and one another in a variety of ways — helping us to build a regular rhythm of practices that will do us good.

The goal is that giving a whole meeting each week over to exploring a particular spiritual practice will give the time and space to really get to the heart of practices that the church has embraced for over two thousand years — enabling us to connect deeply with God and one another.

Evening Meetings at Oasis run on a four week schedule, formed from Worship, Prayer, Communion and The Table. Each of these runs from 6pm at our building on South Street, Harborne.


A time to connect with God through songs, prayers, Bible readings, prophetic contributions, moments of silence and more, giving space to engage with God at your own pace. There’s no agenda, just worship; a time to enjoy the freedom of where He leads us!

Worship Evenings may be for you an opportunity to process some of the challenges you’ve either been living with individually, or that you’ve been struggling with in our turbulent and ever-changing world — to find space for healing, comfort and hope by drawing close to God. There’s lots of time given to meeting with Him and receiving again all He has for us without needing to rush on to the next thing, and instead simply take time to dwell in His presence and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us.


An evening to press in and ask God for ‘more’ — more of Him in our lives, and for our community, city, nation and the nations. This is a very interactive meeting, with lots of time for us each to pray in a variety of ways, led by one of the Oasis team around a key theme or themes each time. If you’ve ever found your prayer life going a bit stale, come and be equipped and energised to press in to prayer again!


A place to pause and share the ancient practice of communion — a gift to the church that reveals something of the wonder of who Jesus is and the life that He invites us to. Too often we can rush through this practice as ‘just another thing to do’ and miss the tremendous beauty and power of what we’re being invited into; a simple meal that reveals that everything has changed!

Sharing communion is a moment to come again and receive Jesus through the simple symbols of bread and juice, and to allow him to come and meet with us in silence and in scripture. It provides a contemplative moment to pause from the rush of daily life, and encounter God again in simplicity. Gluten Free bread is available for all who need it.

The Table

A free community meal where we build community by sharing life together; sitting, eating and chatting as Jesus so often did with those closest to him! Anyone and everyone is welcome at The Table, there’s no need to bring anything to contribute other than yourself, and the team aim to cater for all the main dietary needs. If you can, please sign up in advance via the Oasis website to help with catering.

Evening Meetings kick off fortnightly this term; starting on Sunday 11th September with the Communion Service, followed by Worship on Sunday 25th September and Prayer on 9th October. From that point on, they will then be weekly up until Christmas. Find the exact dates for each in the ‘Events’ section of the Oasis website — hope to see you at one soon!



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Oasis Church Birmingham

Oasis Church Birmingham

Oasis is a community of people from Birmingham and the surrounding area who believe that Jesus changes everything