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Recordings, notes and application questions

Each week, we produce notes, discussion points and application questions for the Sunday talks — helping you go deeper into everything we’re looking at together and resourcing our Small Groups during the week. Use the embedded player to listen to the talk, or click here to visit Soundcloud and download it on a PC.

Key Passages

  • Mark 4:26–29
  • Romans 14:17

Notes: The Lions Den

What do we build?

Kingdom, not empire. It is not about Oasis expanding and being great. It is about God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus’ fame and goodness, not ours.

Where do we build?

The Lord has placed us in different fields, in which His kingdom may grow and be enjoyed. What are our fields?

  1. Oasis: Firstly, we enjoy the rule and reign of Jesus together in how we live and relate.
  2. Harborne: God has planted us at South Street, a field first sown in by the Methodist church. We now get to build on that heritage, carrying on kingdom activity.
  3. Our unique places: God has placed us in the locations we live / work / learn / recover / have fun. These are fields where we are sent to see His kingdom come.

How do we build?

- The Kingdom is not about external constraints. It is about enjoying God and sharing the good life He brings with those around us — a life centred on Jesus.

- We plant the seeds of the Kingdom by speaking and acting for Him. But God brings the growth! The pressure is off…. We simply trust Him to use our small offerings.

- The harvest is both now and future. So, we need not be preoccupied with measurable, immediate results. We play our part and rest in God’s faithfulness

Application Questions

What struck you most from Sunday’s sermon?

About God
How does an emphasis on God’s faithfulness effect the way we think and live?
- If the Kingdom of God reflects the King, what can we expect Kingdom activity to look like?
- How can we enjoy the Kingship of Christ amongst us as God’s people at Oasis?

About Us
What are the fields you have been planted in? What unique perspectives / opportunities do they bring?
- What does it look like to plant seeds of the Kingdom in your ‘fields’ through your words and actions?
- How can you cultivate an increasing enjoyment of God in your everyday life?

About the World
The kingdom comes to the world, revealing the goodness of God demonstrated in Christ. What has that looked like in the past? (e.g. abolition of slavery, enfranchisement, education for the poor). What might it look like now, in our city / country / culture?
- How do we live in a way that builds a future for generations to come to inherit?