Our Autumn 2021 Teaching Series

Oasis Church Birmingham
Oct 20 · 2 min read

This autumn, we are exploring the book of Jonah together at Oasis. As we do, the goal is to help us go deeper into seeing how this is a story that it is all about God, and that points to and reveals Jesus in a whole host of surprising and wonderful ways. The intention is that as we do this, we’ll then learn more about how to read the Old Testament, how it brings us to know Jesus better, and how to understand ourselves in the light of that.

We’d really encourage you to get stuck into the book of Jonah this term. Why not set aside some time to read it through, reflect on the different elements of the story, take time to ponder particular phrases or verses, and reflect on links to other Biblical stories. To help with that, we’ve produced this ‘Reading The Bible’ resource to encourage you, with tips on the WHAT, the WHEN and the HOW of Bible reading. We really believe that God will speak to us as a community as we get stuck into His word, and particularly at this moment as we explore this story.

Although it’s a short book (only a page and a half long!) it addresses some big questions about God, life, purpose, meaning, justice, forgiveness, and plenty more! Although we’ll touch on these during our Sunday Services, there isn’t space in our 25 minute Sunday talks to address everything we’d want to, or to follow all of the breadcrumbs from Jonah to other parts of the Bible. With that in mind, we wanted to give space for you to ask any questions you might have about the book, its themes, background, purpose, role in the big story of the Bible, or anything else that comes to mind.

Just click here to head to an online form where you can submit your questions. At the end of the series we’ll do a roundup of the different questions we’ve had in, and the Oasis team will do our best to answer them - not because we think we have all the answers, but as a different way of helping us as a community continue to grow and learn together.

Thanks for joining us on a journey with Jonah this term!

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