Oasis Life: January 2018

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The new year has arrived, and so has the new edition of Oasis Life, our regular Magazine for those both inside and outside of Oasis! The aim of the Magazine is to provide a longer, more in depth view of everything that’s been going on at Oasis lately, and everything coming up over the next couple of months; it’s not meant to be a quick read like our Weekly Email Blast, but rather is something to be enjoyed in a bit more time so pop the kettle on and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

Oasis Life is organised into three sections: ‘Home’, ‘Life’ and ‘City’. Put simply, ‘Home’ is all about who we are, ‘Life’ is about what we do together, and ‘City’ is about what we do in Birmingham and Beyond.

Who we are together: with encouragements, stories and resources to help us stay centred on God and increasingly learn to reveal him in our unique places

A Thought from Adrian

‘I have nothing to prove’
Just allow this statement to sink in, drink it in breath it in…
I am seeking to live more defined by this phrase in 2018 as part of the challenge of living with ‘PACE’, and believe it is something for all of us to enjoy.
If I am not careful I can allow myself to live thinking ‘I have something to prove’. It subtly enters my thinking, as I wonder what others think of what I have done. It creeps into my mind in me seeking to point out my achievements to others. It slowly takes root in my being less able to say sorry and more able to defend my rights. It weighs heavily in allowing others expectations to take a place of unnatural importance in my thoughts, words and actions.
The truth is ‘I have nothing to prove’, because this is the life that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection have afforded me. I am forever defined not by what I have done or could do but because of what Jesus has done!
John defines the full impact of what Jesus has achieved in 1 John 3: 1 “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!”. What an outrageous truth! You and I are forever children of God, enjoying His eternal love, pleasure, kindness, mercy, goodness, strength, protection and provision. This isn’t something we have to earn, this is the reality we get to enjoy out of the Father’s love for us, revealed through Jesus.
‘I have nothing to prove’ is an invitation to liberation. To know that what happens today or tomorrow doesn’t define you or I…we are already defined forever! It doesn’t therefore mean we attempt nothing and do nothing as we have nothing to prove. Rather, we get to live knowing what we do doesn’t define us but that who we are as children of God shapes all we do.
The invitation is to join me this year, daily awaking to this wonderful, liberating, satisfying truth…
Love and peace,


Our Sunday resources are back up and running again for the new term, and every week we’ll be publishing a blog with a recording of the talk from Sunday, notes, and discussion/application questions. Although designed primarily for small groups, we hope they’re helpful to everyone in applying what we hear on a Sunday throughout the week. You can find all our resources here, and can subscribe to our iTunes podcast for recordings here.

This year, we’d also really encourage you to read (or re-read), the book ‘Christ Our Life’ by Michael Reeves, especially as we continue to work through the book of Colossians together during our Sunday meetings and in Small Groups. It will warm your heart to Jesus, and deepen your understanding of the glorious truths of who we are in Him, all written in a really winsome and accessible style. You can pick it up here.

What we do together: with news, events and updates for everything coming up in the world of Oasis and highlights from what’s been going on recently

Small Groups

With the New Term underway again, Small Groups are back from their summer breaks and gathering once more. These are a key place for us to know others and be known ourselves, and we have groups that meet all over the city on different nights of the week to ensure that as many people as possible can find a nearby group on a suitable night. If you’d like to find a group just drop us a message on smallgroups@theoasischurch.com and we’ll link you in!

Momentum Thirst

Sunday 28th January: Back for 2018 in our new venue, our monthly Momentum Thirst meetings are a great opportunity for Students and 20’s throughout Oasis to gather as a community, connect with one another, share a meal, get some time to worship, and look at some key areas of faith together. All are welcome, so come along and join us from 6:30pm at South Street for the first Thirst of the year.


Sunday 4th February: Baptism is a wonderful symbol of what how God has moved in the life of an individual, and it’s something that’s encouraged for all believers as a way of celebrating what God has done and stepping into everything He has for them in the future. It’s a sign of his sure promise to us to bring us into new life. We’ll be celebrating Baptisms at our morning and afternoon services, so come along and join us from 10am for a 10:30am start and 4pm for a 4:30pm start for what is always a great day!


Starting Sunday 4th February: Back for the new term, and following on from ‘Knowing God’ last time around, our Sunday Seminars are continuing with a brand new 5-part series, ‘Raised.’, exploring the impact of Jesus’ resurrection and what it means for the past, present and future. Come along and join us from 6:30pm on 4th Feb, 11th Feb, 25th Feb, 4th March and 11th March at South Street.

The Boiler Room

Thursday 8th February: Prayer is at the heart of everything that we do as Oasis — it’s why we call our regular prayer gatherings “The Boiler Room”. Join us from 8pm at South Street for our first prayer meeting of the year, when we’ll be gathering to pray for our community, city, nation, and the nations.

Momentum Weekend Around

Friday 16th-Saturday 17th February: With a number of unique challenges and opportunities for us as a community this term, we’ve decided not to go away together this year so that we can stay together on the journey more effectively. BUT, the good news is that we’ll be gathering for a Weekend Around instead!

So on 16th and 17th Feb we’ll be taking some time to intentionally meet together for walks in the hills, worship, Bible, discussion, food, films, fun and lots more, based out of our new building on South Street, Harborne. Stay tuned for more detail to come over next few weeks, and keep connected by joining our Facebook Group.

Engage Youth Update

Emma Knight: Youth last term was full of great moments including Rock Climbing and Christmas socials as well as our usual Friday and Sunday sessions together where we all hang out and get into God’s word. Having so many new additions come up from OKC has added so much to our group and I’ve loved seeing how welcomed they have been by the older youth and how confident they are in their contributions during discussions. Their faith is a testament to the work that the OKC team do!
This term is set to be full of even greater moments though! We kicked off with our launch party at South Street with lots of fun, games, noise and laughter. It’s amazing to see them have the run of the whole building and make the space theirs. As well as Sunday’s sessions moving to the afternoon service we are starting a new series on Friday nights called ‘Engage w/ Big Questions’ where we will be looking together at some of the topics the youth most want answers to! Think of it as a youth apologetic’s course with lots of space for discussion and questions. The incredibly servant-hearted youth leading team and I would love your prayers as we seek to deliver these talks and come alongside the youth in discovering how Jesus lies at the centre of all that we do and all that we are. Please pray for a youth that engage with God’s word and take ownership of their individual faiths as they grow in love for Jesus more and more.
What we do together in Birmingham and Beyond: with ways we’re seeking to impact the city, nation and nations, and highlights of other Birmingham events


Saturday 3rd February: Back for 2018, Catalyst4theworkplace is an event run by Catalyst for anyone in work or seeking work, celebrating how we are and how we can be revealing Jesus and His Kingdom in the unique work environments in which we have been placed. We’re helping host the event, which this year is at Network House in Digbeth — find out more details and book your tickets here.

Foodbank Sunday

Sunday 4th February: On the first Sunday of every month, we now have a dedicated area in our Welcome Area for Foodbank donations, and our next one is coming up on Baptisms Sunday. What better way to celebrate the joy of new life than to bless those within the city who are struggling? Drop your items in the box in the Welcome Area.

Is Faith Reasonable?

Wednesday 7th February: Religion is perhaps more of a contentious area of conversation and debate than ever before, and we’re joining with a number of other churches from across the city to explore whether faith is a cause of hate, or a source of peace. We’ve got guest speaker Krish Kandiah coming to share and host a time of Q&A, and it’s all happening at the ICC from 7pm with a light meal provided. Tickets are available from here £10 using the discount code OASIS1.

From the Community

Greg Gardner:
- There’s a Government consultation on primary and secondary school sex education currently running, which is open until 12th Feb, and can be found here.
- The Birmingham prayer campaign for 40 days for life is starting in a few weeks time, and is kicking off with a launch event on Sunday 11th Feb. You can find out more about that here.
- For more information on both of these causes, and notes from organisations working into these areas, get in touch with Greg at ggardner95@uwclub.net

If you’ve got a cause or event you’re passionate about and would like to champion in the next Oasis Life, just drop Rich a message on richard@theoasischurch.com