Oasis Life: March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of Oasis Life, our monthly Magazine for those both inside and outside of Oasis! The aim of the Magazine is to provide a longer, more in depth view of everything that’s been going on at Oasis lately, and everything coming up in the next month of so; it’s not meant to be a quick read like our Weekly Email Blast, but rather is something to be enjoyed in a bit more time so pop the kettle on and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. You can also click here to sign up to get this Magazine emailed straight to your inbox each month.

Oasis Life is organised into three sections: ‘Home’, ‘Life’ and ‘City’. Put simply, ‘Home’ is all about who we are, ‘Life’ is about what we do together, and ‘City’ is about what we do in Birmingham and Beyond. So sit back and join us for a look back at what’s been going on in Oasis lately, and a look ahead at what’s to come.

Who we are together: with encouragements, stories and resources to help us stay centred on God and increasingly learn to reveal him wherever we’ve been uniquely placed

A Thought from Adrian

One of the things I have realised recently is that I am not great at waiting! Whether it is in a queue of traffic or the checkout line or even through to the bigger moments of awaiting a change in circumstances. I find I quickly become frustrated at the pace and desire for it to speed up and want to get to my destination as quickly as possible. As I have reflected on why I get like this, if I am honest, it is because in the waiting I don’t have control! This uncomfortable reality causes me to live in an unhealthy way and quite honestly can make me not a nice person to be around, let alone someone who reveals Jesus.
Therefore, I have been on a journey of allowing God to shape me a bit differently in my waiting. This has coincided with my study of Abraham’s journey with God who also had to learn the art of waiting both in what to do and not do. I’ve discovered that rather than waiting causing frustration it can become a moment of opportunity.
An opportunity to…
…pause, slow down and notice the people and surroundings around you that otherwise you might not see at the normal pace
…learn more about myself in my ability to find peace and trust in God when I encounter moments that are out of my control. As well as learning more about who God is and how He is at work in the waiting using it to reveal more about who we are and who He is.
…encounter God, to enjoy what I do know of him in these moments and in the longer moments of waiting knowing we are not alone within it but that God is with us
…be together, as longer moments of waiting affords us an opportunity to allow others to stand with us
My encouragement is that as we encounter moments where we have to wait, let’s start the adventure of seeing them as an opportunity.
Love and peace, 

Justice Group: Emma Knight

What started as a few discussions after Glen Darby’s talk on Justice in our Building Culture series has in the past few months grown into an exciting new Justice group within Oasis. The original concept was for it to be an Abolition group for the charity Hope 4 Justice which makes a stand against the injustice of human trafficking but as we gathered and talked about what this group might look like we realised that there are many other things people are passionate about and that the group could be widened to cover different key injustices as well as modern day slavery. We therefore have decided upon 4 key areas that we want to actively and prayerfully seek justice on. These are human trafficking, the refugee crisis, homelessness and the environment. We hope that through meeting together to share our passion for justice in these areas that we will spur one another on to take more of an active role in seeking change and mercy.
Something I’ve been really encouraged by actually, is how we all find it difficult to pray about these issues. We all find it hard to keep these injustices in our prayers and even to know how to pray about these things that just seem so far from our reach and our impact. That’s why when we gather together it’s great to share our knowledge of these areas both on a local and global scale and ask God to open our eyes to the injustice in the world, to keep our hearts soft, and to give us wisdom in order to pray into and act faithfully out of these issues.
Whilst the group is still finding it’s feet in some ways, I’m just really excited to see what God is planning through us and the opportunities we will have to bring change and justice in the small but significant ways that we can. Some of us will be taking part in the Run4Refugees event this weekend and a few of us are also attending the Hope Gathering conference run by Hope for Justice at the end of March.
If you would like to know more about this group and and how you can get involved then please do get in touch by speaking to me on a Sunday or emailing me on emma@theoasischurch.com. We aim to meet together every 4–6 weeks and you can join our Facebook group here.

Impact at the Mac: Alex Dickens

Impact is about live music, and it is about local music and it exists to celebrate all that is good and great about this city’s music and creative community. We believe that we have been called as a church to not just stand on the outskirts of culture but to get stuck in with influencing, shaping, and renewing culture — to celebrate what is great and to add to the boiling pot of what is made and displayed. We believe that displaying what the kingdom of God looks like means displaying God’s character through community, through joy, through creativity, and through beauty. Impact serves as a way to encourage the growth of those things in Birmingham and beyond.
This year Impact has two new adventures. In January we began working with Midsummer as our very first Residency Band. The Residency project will see us working with bands for three months, offering them opportunity to craft their sound and gig regularly and culminating in recording a short EP for them to promote their music to new audiences.
We are also changing venue, as God keeps opening up new opportunities for Impact to grow and have more influence in the city’s music scene. Following the Summer Sessions the mac gave us an amazing offer — to come fill their place with music as often as we would like. This means that this year we are offering more gigs, and more free gigs, than ever before. Monthly and Summer sessions mean 18 free gigs throughout the year at least!
We are also moving into the mac’s theatre venues to promote our biggest gigs to date. The first of these is on Friday 24th March and sees our own Midsummer support the beautiful sounds and melodies of Boat to Row. We love this band and have wanted to have them play Impact for a long time, so this is definitely not one to miss as we begin a new adventure. It will be a sell out show so please pre-book your tickets here.
Oasis is inextricably linked with Impact — if you are part of the fam, you’re part of the team! The support of the church has brought us to this point, by turning up and bringing friends and spreading news of what we are doing. We would ask you to keep doing that, and if you have never been down to an Impact night we would say give it a try! A new weekend day, a new and bigger venue, new bands that you may not have heard before.
What we do together: with news, events and updates for everything coming up this month in the world of Oasis

Oasis Men’s Curry Night

Friday 10th March: we’ve got our next Men’s Event — an opportunity for the guys of Oasis to get together, share a curry, hear testimonies and have conversations about the difference that building authentic, honest relationships with others can have. Check out the event for more info, and sign up here.

Oasis Youth: Fulfil Event

Friday 17th March: The youth of Oasis are invited and encouraged to attend Fulfil run by Birmingham City Mission. The event is held at Mount Zion Community Church at 7:30 pm and there will be cakes, media, music and faith! A great opportunity for both the youth and youth leaders to gather with other youth groups from different churches to worship and have fun.

Women’s Worship Night

Friday 17th March: The women of Oasis will once again be gathering in the Old Players Dining Room at 7:30 pm for a time of fellowship and worship. These are always really special times where space is created to connect with God and hear what God is saying.


Sunday 2nd April: We will once again be celebrating the baptisms of several people within Oasis as we hear how God has changed and worked in their lives and how they want to declare that through the act of getting baptised. If you have not been baptised,and would like to, then please get in contact with Gus who would love to talk to you about this.

Momentum Thirst

Sunday 2nd April: Momentum Thirst is back with more opportunities for our Students & 20’s to gather to seek God, build community and share life. We’ll be hanging out, worshiping together and continuing our series looking at the story of Abraham entitled ‘Grand Designs’. We start the evening with a free, cooked meal together, before a time of worship and teaching/discussion in an informal atmosphere. Join us in the Old Players Dining Room (RES Wyatt building) at Edgbaston, from 6pm-8pm.

Boiler Room

Sunday 9th April: We love prayer at Oasis and see it as the ‘Boiler Room’ for all that we do and live out of and therefore love gathering together on a monthly basis to pray together about things going on within Oasis and also things going on outside of Oasis life too. If you haven’t yet been to a Boiler Room then get this one in your diary and be encouraged that it is always a great time together praising and hearing from God.

Easter Dates for your diary:

Maundy Thursday: 13th April-we will be gathering together in the evening to worship, pray and bring contributions as we reflect.
Good Friday Act of Service: 14th April- we will be once again spending some time working together to bless our community. Last year we built a fence for a lady in her garden and this really blessed her and made a difference in her life. If you have an idea of what this years act of service could be then please get in touch.
Easter Sunday: 16th April- an all age church service spectacular!

What we do together in Birmingham and Beyond: with ways we’re seeking to impact the city, nation and nations, and highlights of other things going on here


Saturday 11th March: Back for its second year, R4R is an event being run by some friends of ours at ChurchCentral where the aim is simple: run/dance/walk 5/10/15k round Cannon Hill Park, recieve sponsorship from your friends and family and in doing so, raise money that goes directly toward fighting the refugee crisis. It costs £5 per concession to run (concessions include children, students and people over 65) and £10 for adults. Find out more or sign up using their website here.

Birmingham City Prayer

Thursday 16th March: A city wide prayer gathering at Birmingham City Church at 7:30pm. A great opportunity to gather in unity to pray for God’s Kingdom to come and his will to be done in this city.

Restore and Rebuild: Post Abortion Recovery Course

Tuesday 21st March: The organisation Stillwaters will be leading a Restore and Rebuild course for women and men who have gone through abortion. The course will help you learn how you can better meet the needs of people in your church and break the silence on abortion. It is being held at St. Dunstan’s Church, Kingsfield Road, Kings Heath, B14 7JN between 10am-1pm. There is no cost but you will need to register your interest by emailing them on: stillwaterspregnancycentre@gmail.com


Friday 24th March: There are exciting changes that are happening with Impact this year and that’s all kicking off with a laidback evening of music with Birmingham’s best and brightest — featuring the incredible Boat to Row and our very own Midsummer. The performance will be followed by a DJ set in the Arena Bar, and tickets are £7 with doors opening at 8:30pm. This has the potential to be a sell out gig so please both show your support by booking online here so you don’t risk missing out!

Xplore with Scott McNamara:

Sunday 2nd April: Scott from Causeway Coast Vineyard will be in Birmingham as part of the programme called Xplore which aims to equip you to make mission and evangelism count where you are already at, work, uni or in your neighbourhood. Chris Brees is helping to facilitate a day of events within the community including some time spent in Canon Hill Park trying out Scott’s evangelism technique called ‘Jesus at the Door’. For more about what this day looks like please email chris.brees@hotmail.co.uk

HouseFires- Dudley

Wednesday 5th April: Housefires, writers of ‘Good Good Father’ will be performing in Dudley hosted by Big Church Live. It’s set to be a evening of intimate and powerful worship that will reflect the heart of Housefires — to pursue authentic worship of God. You can buy tickets here.