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Oasis Church Birmingham
Mar 18 · 3 min read

Hello friends! We are living in a unique moment, but throughout all the uncertainty around us, our desire is to stay together as we seek to love God and love people in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. As we live in our “scattered” contexts, thinking through how we can love and serve those around us at home, work, recovery or in our neighbourhoods, we are also wanting to give moments for us all to connect together as Oasis. In the coming weeks, following the guidance of the UK Government, this will primarily happen online. Please watch the below video from Adrian for an update on our plans over the coming weeks, and see below for more detail on how we plan to connect on Sundays, through a Daily Devotional, and via Small Groups & Evening Hangouts:


We will be gathering together for an Online Church service at 10:30am, with time to worship, hear a short talk, and pray. Within this, we will be starting a new series looking at how we live with uncertainty.

To facilitate this, we’ll be using a piece of software called Zoom, which is really straightforward to use. You just need to click on the link below and follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to join. The meeting will be about 45 minutes long and when you log on, you’ll see several of the Oasis team there including a host, speaker and someone leading worship. You won’t be able to be seen or heard by anyone else, but you will be able to chat with others on a group chat, ask questions, and share encouragements.

You can either log on via a laptop/PC or by using a smartphone. If using a phone, it will prompt you to download the Zoom app before opening the meeting. Depending on your computer, it may also do this when you log on via a laptop/PC, or it will simply open the application in your web browser. With that in mind, you may want to log on five minutes early on Sunday to ensure there is time for you to get set up. For more details on how to get set up, please click here to read a step-by-step guide.

To log on for Sunday 22nd March, just click the link below at 10:30am:

Daily Devotional

From Monday 23rd March, we will also be launching a new lunchtime daily devotional slot, with time for us all to pause, to read, to reflect and to pray. These will last around 15 minutes, but provide another opportunity for us to connect as a community.

To join that every weekday, click the link below at 12:30pm:

Small Groups & Evening Hangouts

Our Small Groups will also be heading online in the very near future, using Google Hangouts to give opportunities to continue meeting together regularly. We will also be launching new Evening Hangouts from the week of the 30th March for those not currently in a Small Group, but who would like another moment to connect, be encouraged and be prayed for. Please do look out for more information on those over the next week or so.

OKC & Engage Youth

OKC and Engage Youth will also be setting up online sessions in the coming days to give plenty of opportunities for our young people to keep connecting together. More information about these will be communicated directly to parents soon.

In the meantime, let’s keep loving God and loving people — looking out for one another, looking out for our neighbours, and looking to Jesus.

Oasis Church Birmingham

We’re about two things: Loving God, and Loving People

Oasis Church Birmingham

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Oasis is a community of ordinary people from Birmingham and the surrounding area who are passionate about loving God and loving people

Oasis Church Birmingham

We’re about two things: Loving God, and Loving People

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