Oasis Week of Prayer 2018

Embracing the call to ‘Step Up’

We’ll be gathering for five days of prayer, from the 10th to the 14th June 2018, to pray into everything that God’s been speaking to us about as a community. Our planned five days of prayer has fallen at a fantastic time when we can give time to digest, respond and most importantly pray into the prophetic word given by David Devenish for Oasis Church at the Catalyst Festival 2018. The word is for us as a whole church, and so it involves all of us! It is a privilege to collectively have an opportunity to give time to seeking God around the themes that were shared and to press into everything He has for us. To aid us as we do this, we have given each day a set themes to help shape us in our prayers as individuals, but are also having moments daily when we can gather together as a community to pray into the theme for the day and to listen to God more. To start, it might be helpful to reflect on the word that David brought to us at the Festival:

“This is a time of stepping up, time of stepping up into the increased purposes that God is now giving you. Combination of the change in the circumstances and suffering are together producing a time where you are to step into what God is going to use you for. Stepping up to believe God for influence, for harvest, that as you have sown seeds in particular areas of society you will not only reap there but in other areas as well. Those who serve the poor often reap in many other sectors of society. God is going to bless you with influence in other places. Prepare for it, step up in faith, step up in releasing more people into leadership. Need the workers in the harvest…ask for them. Time to step up, time to get ready for what god is going to reproduce through all you have done over the years.” — David Devenish

Day 1: Perspective

Sunday 10th June: A day to contemplate the God who has spoken to us, and how faithful He is to us as a family. We will spend time worshipping; allowing God to fill more of our gaze to remind us of the one our faith is in. We will also look at how God has continually spoken to us as a family throughout our journey, and how David’s prophetic encouragement links to key prophetic words that have been given throughout our journey. We will be gathering from 4pm-6pm at South Street to worship God together and allow him to influence our perspective.

Day 2: Response

Monday 11th June: A day to contemplate and pray into our personal and corporate response as a church to God’s invitation to ‘step up’. Within this invitation, we will also take time to thank God for His kindness and comfort to us as a community over the past year and for His protection and blessing over this coming year. We will be gathering at 7.30pm-8.30pm at South Street to pray together around this theme and will also be praying that as part of this call to ‘step up’ we would see an increase in individuals stepping up in leadership both as the church gathered and scattered.

Day 3: Harvest

Tuesday 12th June: A day to call on God that we would see the harvest that He has spoken of. We’ll be praying that we would see an increase and break-through in salvation both where we have sown and where we have not. We’ll also be praying that God would prepare us as a family for harvest both in welcoming new people who come amongst us, and by our being ready to play our part in discipling one another and helping one another grow in faith. We will be gathering at 7.30pm-8.30pm at South Street to pray together for a harvest.

Day 4: The Poor

Wednesday 13th June: From the birth of Oasis God has called us to care for the poor, and we know that this call continues to live with us. On this day we want to call on God that we would see a stepping up in our care for the poor through the provision of finances, the ability of the Bridge to thrive, and for God to open new doors for new initiatives that we are to pioneer. This is a day fuelled by the Isaiah 58 promise that our light will break out as we stand for justice and bring freedom. We will be gathering again at 7.30–8.30pm at South Street to pray into this theme.

Day 5: Influence

Thursday 14th June: We know that God has shaped us to realise that we are to have influence in the world around as we gather together in Harborne, but also as we scatter to the unique environments God has placed each of us in. We want to call on God to ‘step up’ the influence we have Harborne, Birmingham, the nation and the nations in every sector of society. We will be gathering to pray at South Street at the earlier time of 6.30–7.30pm to allow as many from the community to be present from all ages, and will be praying in different interactive ways to facilitate this gathering.

I’d really encourage you to get involved during the week, as I know that it will be a significant one for us both personally and as a community. So whether you can make it in the evenings or not, please do be praying into these themes and listening to what God has to say about what ‘stepping up’ looks like for you and for us in all of these areas.

Love and peace,