Resurrection is an Announcement


The resurrection of Jesus stands as the centre point of history and the centre point of the Christian faith — if it didn’t happen, then Christianity, as the Apostle Paul says, is worthless and Christians are to be pitied above all others.

But if it’s true, what does it mean? At its heart, the resurrection is an announcement to the world; it’s God acting decisively in a way that boldly proclaims the good news about who He is, what He has done, and what He will do.

So, what is being announced?

  • As Jesus is resurrected, it’s an announcement to the whole of creation that God — not death, not brokenness, not sin — will have the final say.
  • As Jesus sees the stone rolled away, it’s an announcement that everything he said about himself is true; he is completely vindicated as the promised one, beloved son of the Father, filled with the Spirit, come to rescue his people.
  • As Jesus steps out of the tomb, it’s an announcement that nobody is beyond the reach of God’s love and mercy; that redemption and forgiveness and welcome are open to all.
  • As Jesus breathes in the cool morning air, it’s an announcement that the Holy Spirit is at work even now breathing life into the people of God, to regenerate and recreate them with His presence.
  • As Jesus walks through the garden, it’s an announcement that the first-fruits have come; like a farmer harvesting the first of the crop which proves that the rest is coming, as Jesus is reborn, so too will all of humanity be — death wasn’t the end for him, and because of that, it won’t be for us.
  • As Jesus puts one foot in front of another, it’s an announcement that the future is physical; God has clothed himself in human flesh now and forever, uniting his divinity with our humanity, and our eventual destiny isn’t to float off to a disembodied heaven, but to be transformed as he was.
  • As Jesus tenderly greets Mary in the garden, it’s an announcement that his father is now our father; there is complete adoption by faith into the family of God; belonging and home are open to all.
  • As Jesus encounters Thomas, presenting his scars, it’s an announcement that there is no scar that we are carrying which is beyond his ability to redeem and restore.
  • As Jesus journeys on the Emmaus Road, it’s an announcement that all of history, the whole story of God and humanity, has been building to this moment, and because of that, everything has changed, forever.

Why not take some time this week to soak in these truths?

Perhaps find a passage of scripture (e.g. John 20:11–18, Luke 24:13–35) and read it through a couple of times, reflecting on any particular words or phrases that jump out at you. Perhaps get out to the countryside for a walk and picture yourself there in that resurrection garden; encountering Jesus again as Mary did. Perhaps find a friend or family member and speak to them about what aspect of the announcement of the resurrection has really impacted you.

However you do it, don’t miss the opportunity this week to enjoy how the resurrection truly is good news that changes everything!



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