Small Group Interview #1

Andy & Zoe Gordon

At Oasis Church we like to keep things simple. We say that we are about two things: loving God and loving people. Our midweek and Sunday small groups are an absolutely vital expression of this. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be sharing a number of blogs about small groups, including interviews with each of our small group leaders…starting right here with Andy and Zoe Gordon. But for now, here are three reasons why you don’t want to miss out on being part of an Oasis small group.

1. Loving God
Small groups are all about growing in love with God. As we look at the bible together, we can expect to discover more of who Jesus is and all that we have in Him, captivating our hearts and sustaining every area of our lives. Small groups also enable us to ask honest questions about our faith, so that it may grow from a place of authenticity and integrity.
2. Loving People
Small groups are all about friendship. They provide a safe environment for deep friendships to develop, such that we can enjoy sharing all of life together — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether we have laughter or tears, life is for sharing!
3. Staying connected
Small groups are all about connection. Connection with God, connection with friends and connection with the broader community of Oasis. From the birth of humanity, God saw it was not good for us to be alone. We were made to be in community. Small groups are vital for helping us to be fully connected to the Oasis community. Without them, each one of us are vulnerable to becoming isolated and feeling like just a face in a crowd. There is so much more to enjoy when we stay connected, enjoying the adventure of following Jesus together… ONWARD!

Andy & Zoe Gordon (Ladywood, Thursday Nights)

What are three things we might not know about you?
1. We have a bearded dragon for a pet (officially it belongs to our oldest daughter Matilda). Matilda named it Frodo, although after a few years Frodo laid some eggs (unfertilised). We still call her Frodo although her gender seems somewhat confused as we more often than not refer to her as he.

2. As a family our favourite band is currently ‘twenty one pilots’ we would love to see them live but they are not currently touring the uk — they are an alternative pop duo that delve into genres such as pop, hip hop, reggae, dance music and occasionally get a bit shouty. they write catchy songs about life that we all sing loudly in the car.

3. On our wedding day (19 years ago on April 4th), Zoë wore white Doc Marten boots with hand painted orange flowers all over them. For the wedding car we saw an old white VW Beetle parked on a street in the town we got married in (Bedford). We decided to write a note asking the owner if they would consider driving it for us on our wedding day and put it under the windscreen wipers. The owner was a lovely lady who was happy to be our chauffeur for the day. We paid her £50 and she gave us a toy white VW beetle as a wedding present.

How did you come to be part of Oasis, and what made you stick?
We moved to Birmingham from Bedford in December 1998 to help kick start Oasis into life along with Adrian and Lucy Hurst and a few other people (Adrian had dark hair back then — with bits of grey coming through). What made us stick? Friendship, love, putting roots down in Birmingham, buying into the vision of Oasis, getting to do life with all sorts of people over the years and working out how to do this christian thing together. And we love Birmingham.

How long have you led a small group?
Soon after we moved to Birmingham we hosted a small group at our house, which at the time was opposite the university in Selly Oak, but we were not leading it at that time. Later that year (1999) we started leading a small group. We have pretty much either led or hosted a small group in our house ever since.

Why do you value small group?
Zoë and I love small group because it is where we get to be real as a community and do church in a relaxed and relational way. Sunday celebrations are great, but we have both found that it seems impossible to really get to know people and push past the pleasantries and small talk that to be honest can sometimes be exhausting. At small group we laugh a lot, talk a lot, get to the nitty gritty of what we think about God, life and the universe, work out how to love God more and love each other more, and support each other through the highs and lows of life. We virtually always reflect on the talk from Sunday. This helps us to firstly remember what it was about, and secondly to then apply it to our everyday lives.

To find out more about small groups and how to connect to one, drop us an email on or speak to Mike on a Sunday.