Week of Prayer: Day 1

Monday 25th January 2016

We love prayer at Oasis — it’s at the heart of everything we do — and so at different points of the year we give over an extended period of time to seeking God through prayer and worship. Our first Week of Prayer this year is taking place from Monday 25th January to Friday 29th January 2016. Every day, we’re inviting people to send in stories of what they’ve been particularly led to pray for, or anything they feel God has said to encourage us as a whole.

Kicking off our week of prayer, lots of those praying centred around the verse that Adrian shared on Vision Sunday, tying in to our theme for the year of “Building”:

Enlarge the place of your tent,
 stretch your tent curtains wide,
 do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
 strengthen your stakes (Isaiah 54:2)

“I prayed about Isaiah 54:2 and whether it referred to the building or the Church and its influence.This led to praying about the people in Oasis and I was led to pray for unity and reconciliation in our respective families. Whatever else I prayed for I kept coming back to that theme.”

As I was praying through Isaiah 54:2, praying about a building, I was struck by ‘enlarge’ and ‘do not hold back’. I thought about one of the contributions during worship at the second meeting on Sunday: The encouragement to push doors.

I felt an encouragement to keep looking for ‘but God’ moments of stretching, where unless God comes through we’re left in the lurch. It’s a risky prayer, but one we need to get hold of in order to help us step out and grow in faith, not playing it safe, but instead leaving space for God to do more than we could ask or imagine.

The ‘What’

Theme for 2016: Read and pray into Isaiah 54:2 for us as a church and as individuals, that we would be ‘building’ in…

…depth: Be those who in rest in who God is and our identity in Him
…breadth: As a community grow in diversity, connection and new people
…kingdom: Revealing God’s rule and reign together, and in unique places we have been placed
…building: That God would provide us a home of our own we can inhabit

Pray too for our City, our Nation, and for the Nations, particularly the work we’re connected with through Agnes and the Stunt Family.

The ‘How’

Praise: Start by remembering who God is
Pray: Be creative in how you pray (speak/write/draw/sing/listen with music/be with others) and what you pray for (focus on any or all of the above in prayer)
Listen: Give time over to hearing what God wants to say
Share: Feed in what you have been particularly led to pray for or what God has said to encourage us. Share via email to richard@theoasischurch.com or text 075 8364 3666 and we’ll include them on the next blog.

Get involved!

We’re aiming to cover every hour during the week in prayer, between 6am and midnight, and still have some slots available. Of course, there are no limits on when people can pray, but if you can help by covering these specific slots, that would be brilliant. There are no qualifications needed to pray, it’s open to everyone, just drop Rich a message to let us know:

TUESDAY 26th: 6pm-7pm
THURSDAY 28th: 8am-9am, 1pm-2pm, 5pm-6pm, 11pm-Midnight
FRIDAY 29th: 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm

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