Week of Prayer: Day 5

Friday 29th January 2016

90 hours of prayer in one hour slots, dozens of stories of what God’s been doing and how He’s been speaking, 5 days of seeking Him for our community, city, nation and the nations, 3 times of gathering together…1 incredible Week of Prayer to kick off 2016! Throughout the week, God’s certainly said a lot; we've had images shared, words brought, passages highlighted, songs sung and stories told. Here’s a few more of the key themes people have been led to pray for:

Stepping Out in Faith

“As I was praying this week I felt led to Romans 12:1 and 2. These pivotal verses in this letter are like a hinge between Paul’s explanation of what God did for us and our response to that. What stuck out was that we have to be uncompromising in the way that we live our lives as followers, as a response to Yahweh’s uncompromising sacrifice. The application to the 2016 theme is that the Lord is encouraging us to ‘stretch out the curtains of our habitation’, but we should be uncompromising in our efforts to pursue the opportunities that He gives, as living sacrifices. The stretching in Isaiah 54:2 might actually apply to ourselves, if that makes sense. This will include steps of faith to ‘test’ (Romans 12:2) if the step is the Lord’s guidance, and giving up to be ‘not conformed to this world’. All of this applies on an individual level but also on a corporate level. The blessings and honour to His name will be great if we pursue this, He will love us regardless.”

Praying for our Nation

“I’ve been praying about the Leaders of the Nation. Just like God called Cyrus in Isaiah 45: 1–4, the leaders of the nation will be used by God to allow for the building of His Church. Even those that might have come to power with their own agenda, but God is set to use them for the Church’s sake.”
“That all our children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be their peace in this trying times (Is 54:13). I also feel God wants to lay solid foundations for the future of this country through believer’s children.”

Freedom and Security

“That God would protect Oasis, Birmingham, UK, Nigeria, Syria, France, Russia and every country represented in Oasis from terrorist attacks but even more than that, that these extremists will find Jesus like Saul did on the road to Damascus and be builders of the church. I prayed too that we all will not be paralysed by fear any longer (…stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations), but God will grant us the boldness (…strengthen thy stakes), genuine love (…lengthen thy cords), wisdom and open doors to share Christ with everyone (…spare not) that comes in contact with any of us.”

Building Building

“Regarding finding a new building, Isaiah 55 came up as a direction for finding funding and resource, almost God would provide the foundations and then we were to work with him to find the rest of the tool which would be revealed and provided (with little effort) through God’s guidance. The overall theme that God seemed to reveal on this one was ‘Dream Big’. Essentially we’re only as limited as how far we dream on this one. God wants to work with us to define this… but we must not be afraid to increase our expectations.”
“It feels like God is doing something in us as a community even through the process of praying for a building that’s transformative. The more we seek Him for a home of our own, the more we dream big dreams and pray big prayers, the more it builds us up and expands who we are now. As we press in to everything He’s got for us in the future, we’ll increasingly find that the biggest building work is the one He wants to do within us as a community and as individuals.”

Next week, we’ll get a blog up with some helpful tips for how to continue this momentum and build depth into our own prayer times, as well as thinking through how we can fully absorb everything God’s spoken about this week and build it in to who we are. The good news of course is that prayer isn't just confined to five days, and God is always seeking for us to draw near to Him, rest in who He is, and hear His voice more closely! This week is a springboard to greater intimacy and reliance on Him, both individually and corporately.

Please do keep sending in stories of anything you feel God has spoken to you about for us as a community, and also stories of how things heard this week continue to impact you in the coming days, weeks and months. We’ll have a new Oasis Life blog coming out in February, and it would be fantastic to be able to include more stories of how God is shaping and using people wherever they've been uniquely placed.