Week of Prayer: Thursday

It’s the last day of our Week of Prayer, but it feels like momentum is still building! Here’s what people have been praying for over the last couple of days:

The Word gives meaning to the word. Without Jesus, “adventure” is just another word, but with Him, it suddenly become filled with meaning and possibilities.

Praying for the youth as they seek adventure this year. That they would feel a part of the journey and a sense of ownership rather than just following along. Felt God say that this would be a time for them to become ‘pioneers’ as they really step out in their faith and trust in God throughout the changes that are to come. Felt encouraged that this will be a time where they really get stuck in and not slip away and that this will be visible and encouraging to the whole church. Praying that this would be a point on the map where they can look back to and see all the amazing things that God did in their lives.

The biggest miracles we’ve seen as a church have always been about Buildings. In all the adventures He’d led us on so far, He’s provided what we need in incredible ways; let’s trust Him to do the same again.

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight” — Philippians 1:9

I thanked God for Oasis and all of the key leaders who gone so much to make it run, for the welcome/ point/ tea and coffee and other leaders like for women’s deeper, seasons, impact & The Bridge. Those people all need re-invigorating and re-energising at times I’m sure so I prayed that they’d feel God’s energy and purpose for their equally important roles.

I also re-read Isaiah 43 as we read at church on Sunday and I felt that the phrase ‘springs up’ in 43:19 was particularly striking and that God was telling me that we (and I!!) should be looking for these times where God’s waters will ‘spring up’ in all our situations.. whether we feel like we’re in a desert or just that he is working in a sudden, unpredicted way but for good. I prayed that we would be conscious of and open to God ‘springing’ in our lives.

“Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” — Philippians 2:4

So there’ some more of the things we’ve been praying about so far, and we’ll have one more for you tomorrow to wrap up the week. Just drop Rich an email on richard@theoasischurch.com to send in your contributions, and we’ll include as many as we can. Tonight, (Thursday 19th), we’re also gathering at 7:30pm in the Old Players Dining Room at Edgbaston to close the week in prayer together, and it would be great to see you there!

Today, why not spend a bit of time thinking and praying for our great city of Birmingham? You could use your slot to take a walk and pray for the areas you travel to, or pick a part of the city you don’t know very well and give some time to praying for it. Other areas to pray for might be John Clancy (leader of Birmingham City Council) and his team, prisoners and all those working in the prison system following the riot at HMP Birmingham in December, other churches throughout the city and all they’re doing to reach out to their local communities, and specific people you know (whether in Oasis or not), that they would grow in influence in their places of work and increasingly be people of salt and light to those around them.

Oasis Church Birmingham

We’re about two things: Loving God, and Loving People

Oasis Church Birmingham

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Oasis is a community of ordinary people from Birmingham and the surrounding area who are passionate about loving God and loving people

Oasis Church Birmingham

We’re about two things: Loving God, and Loving People