Week of Prayer: Wednesday

Our Week of Prayer continues apace, as we reach our penultimate day. Here’s your third daily blog with what people have been praying for, anything they’ve heard from God to encourage us all and prayer points to focus on for the rest of the week and beyond. Keep reading for highlights from what’s been coming through lately:


There was a prophetic word on Sunday morning about an airport: how it’s like we’ve been in a transition lounge as a church, and now our gate has been called and it’s time to board the flight and head off. We prayed that during this time, we would step forward boldly and enjoy the journey — not just endure it, but make the most of all the sights along the way.
Building on the airport word from Sunday, I felt God saying that the airport lounge, where we’ve been, is all about identity. Our identity is confirmed by passport control, we go through all the checks to prove that we are who we say we are, and it’s only after all that is done that we’re ready to take the flight. That’s what God’s been doing in us as a church over the past few years; he’s been confirming our identity to us and helping us to enjoy who He has made us to be. During the next stage, it isn’t the we forget who we are, but that we journey on never forgetting the truth of that identity.


I was sat in front of our fire praying, when I realised that it was about to go out. I poked around in it a little and was about to give up on it as there seemed to be very little life left in it. Then I blew into the fire and suddenly there were big flames and the fire was revived. As I continued praying I felt this was a prophetic picture of God wanting to blow over our city and bring life into barren places. I believe that God is going to use us as a community to breathe life into places that seem dead. He is going to raise up people within Oasis to have positions of influence in the city — in business, the arts, the justice system, local government — people who will bring a Godly viewpoint that will impact this city. I also believe God is saying that He will position us geographically, to be in a building where we can breathe life over the local community , to bring hope and restoration to broken people.
We prayed that intimacy with God would be a key feature of the year, going deeper and knowing him more (using the Lord’s prayer as a kind of toolkit for intimacy). We also prayed that our community would step out into greater outreach and evangelistic endeavours to welcome others in, and for us to step up to support each other more in prayer and being more open on a Sunday.


We prayed that the leaders would not have to bear the whole weight of the building move, but that we as a church could all get to share and partake in it all, and all play our part to help out.
If you are afraid that we might miss God’s messages to us during this time, His leading of us in our adventure this year, don’t be! He’s going to make it really clear, like a flare gun going off with bright light against the night sky, so that there will be no doubt where He’s calling us to be, and what He’s calling us to do.
As I looked at the word “Adventure”, I was drawn to the first part of the word, “Advent”, and reminded of how that’s a season we’ve just come out of — a season of resting in God and waiting for things to come into place ready for Him to do something amazing. That’s what it’ll be like for us; part of the journey is waiting and watching what He’s going to do, but we can know with confidence that He will move in power and do incredible things with perfect timing.
As I was walking in to visit the Oasis offices, I noticed that the two boxes next to us are rented by two different companies: one for an opticians, and the other for a gambling company. Both quite different from Oasis! In that moment, God reminded me that the adventure this year will have moments of risk. It will have moments of uncertainty. But at the same time, He is the one with perfect vision, who sees things as they truly are, and what seems risky and uncertain to us, He sees clearly. Whatever is in store, whatever comes our way, He’s in control.

So there are a few things we’ve been praying about so far, but we’d love to include more in tomorrow’s blog! Just drop Rich an email on richard@theoasischurch.com and we’ll include as many as we can. Get involved by signing up here for a slot, or by joining us as we close the week by gathering on Thursday evening at 7:30pm in the Old Players Dining Room at Edgbaston.

Prayer Points

For today, why not try praying around the three areas of Home, Life and City that we use to define things within Oasis? Check out our website for examples in each section, but broadly speaking, Home is all about who we are, Life is about what we do together, and City is about what we do in Birmingham and Beyond. Try praying for a few different areas of Oasis life, and see what God has to say about what adventure looks like for our Kids, Footballers, Youth, Bridge, Small Groups, Momentum, Seasons, Women, Impact and all the other things we get up to as a church!