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A Road to the Oasis Mainnet

In the past year, we’ve taken the first steps towards creating a better internet that puts users back in control of their data. We’re doing this by building and contributing to a decentralized and permissionless, scalable, blockchain platform that puts privacy first. The community supporting the Oasis Network has grown, we’ve added tools to make development on the Oasis Network easier and launched the Oasis Devnet, that allows developers to build and deploy their applications now.

In the next few months we’ll work with the community to further this vision. And we’ll need all of you — our community — to help improve, grow, and ultimately run the Oasis Network.

Key dates — and key ways to get involved — below (Note: Of course all are estimates and may shift a bit). If you have questions or comments join our slack channel and ask away!

Key Platform Roadmap Milestones

October and November

Open-Sourcing and Bug Bounty Program

This month we plan to open source much of our network code and kick-off a bug bounty with HackerOne to make our platform more secure. More details on this to follow in the coming weeks!

To all security-hacking lovers out there:

  • How you can get involved: Follow this link from HackerOne to get access to the program.
  • Reward: Earn up to $5K USD per bug that you report.

Public Testnet

With the Public Testnet we’ll take a big step towards true decentralization — allowing all members of our community to run nodes and build the network. We’re also working on some more specifics around operator incentives that we’ll be able to share around this time too.

To all future node operators:

  • How you can get involved: Sign up to run a node here.
  • Reward: Earn tokens to stake on our network during staking competitions, token grants for development, and ultimately tokens for staking on Mainnet. More information on protocol incentives to come.
  • Join our new slack channel for the Oasis Network and to get regular updates.
  • Check out initial documentation (including hardware requirements) to get ready.
  • Learn more about our network through the “Oasis Bytes” video series.

The Quest: A Staking Competition

A few weeks after our public testnet is launched we plan to have our first staking competition, rewarding the top node operators with tokens. Up to 100 nodes (or fewer depending on whether you meet setup requirements) then have the opportunity to become the initial node operators on our Mainnet — earning tokens while staking and through delegation from other token holders.

To all future node operators:

  • How you can get involved: Sign up if you’re interested in being a node operator and we’ll share more details on the staking competition as we get closer.
  • Reward: Earn token grants to stake on the Mainnet.

Beyond November

Our thoughts on future phases of Mainnet

After an initial staking competition, we plan to kick-off a community-driven phased Mainnet roll out, offering more features at each stage of the Mainnet. This should allow for a secure and stable Mainnet over time, with more and more features and opportunities for developers of all kinds to engage at each stage. More, including specificity on dates, to come.

Before each phase we expect to run staking competitions on a corresponding public testnet as well.

Thoughts on User Adoption and Usage

We’re seeing a few key use cases driving usage and interest in the network, leveraging the unique features and capabilities of the network including confidential compute.

  • Open Finance: We’re finding more and more DeFi and Open Finance apps are looking for a better way to incorporate and implement privacy and identity management.
  • Private data sharing: Leveraging the network’s confidential compute, we’re seeing demand for apps that make it easy for users and companies to have more control of how data is used — whether it’s simple data sharing or running more complex analytics on that data while it remains encrypted. Industries we’ve found most interested in this area include healthcare, supply chain, and financial services.

Other ways to get involved

We still have a long way to go and can’t do it without your help. If you’re interested in building tooling on our network apply to our grants program. We’ll also be announcing more ways to get involved including an Ambassador program, Startup Hub 2.0 and more!

Legal disclaimer

Upon mainnet launch, the Oasis protocol is expected to be fully permissionless. As such, neither Oasis Foundation nor any of its affiliates has the ability to control the Oasis blockchain protocol thereafter. The development and growth of Oasis following mainnet launch, including the milestones described herein and all future roadmaps, are subject to consensus by the decentralized Oasis community and in any case may only be achieved if the network validators agree to do so. Conversely, if the Oasis community does not adopt or reach consensus on any future milestones, such milestones may never be achieved. In addition, the Oasis community may decide to make updates to, develop, or fork the Oasis protocol in ways that are not contemplated herein.



A better internet is only a matter of time. The Oasis network is trying to fix what’s broken by giving users back control of their data using a combination of secure compute and a proof-of-stake blockchain.

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