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Launching the Inaugural 2022 Oasis Content Games

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*Update as of 14 January 2022 — Due to a large volume of participants and >1000 pieces of content to review, the winners of the 2022 Oasis Content Games will now be announced on 20 January 2022. We appreciate your patience and are extremely grateful for the mass participation!

In 2021, the Oasis Foundation announced , one of the first NFT platforms to add cross-chain compatibility to their ecosystem. The Oasis Network will be the first blockchain NFTb expands to after the marketplace launched on Binance and provide a direct financial opportunity to artists and creators who mint their work on Oasis. In December 2021, the Oasis Foundation announced the first NFT Collection built on the Oasis Network: , supported by MetaMirror and the MBuddy product. 999 AI ROSE NFTs were gifted to the Oasis community through an NFT Contest and lottery. Needless to say, NFTs and creative expression on the blockchain are becoming more and more important to the Oasis Network.

To celebrate the creativity that burns bright in our community, the Oasis Foundation is hosting its inaugural : A community wide contest encouraging the Oasis Community to show off its creative, humorous, and artistic talents to win prizes of up to 1,000 $ROSE!

Art from the Oasis community shared across the Foundation’s community and social media channels.

The 2022 Oasis Content Games & How to Enter

The Oasis community has already proven its creativity through various memes and images shared online. We can’t help but be inspired when we see our members express their love for Oasis through art and humor, which is why we’re encouraging the Oasis community’s creativity to grow to new heights by recognizing your talent and awarding you with $ROSE!

In total, there are 16 Awards available in the 2022 Oasis Content Games, with prizes totaling 10,500 $ROSE. 11 Awards will be given to the best content submissions, as judged by the Oasis team. 5 Awards will be given to participants of the Oasis Content Games at random (anyone who submits a piece of content is eligible), however, the more actions you complete in the Content Games campaign — and the more engaged you are in the Content Games — the higher your chances of receiving a bonus! This means that if your submission wasn’t chosen as a winner for any of the categories, you still have a chance of winning a $ROSE prize for participating!

To enter the 2022 Oasis Content Games, all you need to do is share your piece of content on one of our , tag us (@), and submit your official entry into the .

Award Categories

CONTENT AWARDS (Judged by the Oasis Team):

Best Oasis Meme / Meme Wizard Award (3 Awards) — Awarded to the best memes created for the Oasis community.

  • First Place: 1000 $ROSE
  • Second Place: 750 $ROSE
  • Third Place: 500 $ROSE

Best CryptoArt / Modern Van Gogh Award (3 Awards) — Awarded to the most creative, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing visual content (non-motion).

  • First Place: 1000 $ROSE
  • Second Place: 750 $ROSE
  • Third Place: 500 $ROSE

Best Video Art / Filmmaker Award (3 Awards) — Awarded to the most creative video and motion content (including GIFs!).

  • First Place: 1000 $ROSE
  • Second Place: 750 $ROSE
  • Third Place: 500 $ROSE

Best Oasis Brand Identity / On Brand Award (1 Award) — Awarded to the best content that pays homage to Oasis’ core features, recent partnerships, and/or major developments in the network.

  • Single (1) Award: 1000 $ROSE

Best Community Engagement / Most Popular Award (1 Award) — Awarded to the content that receives the Highest Engagement across all social media and community platforms.

  • Single (1) Award: 1000 $ROSE


New Year’s Bonus / All Hands On Deck Award (5 Awards): Five (5) people will be chosen at random who participated in the contest to win a 350 $ROSE Bonus — The higher the actions, the more likely you’ll get a bonus!

  • Five (5) Awards: 350 $ROSE

Judges for Content Awards

Travis is a who has led content direction and strategy for over 20 brands across the NFT, tech, art, retail, and media industries. He founded the award-winning magazine and social media community and has been featured in content exhibits across Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Sweden.

Jon Poole is an Angel Investor, Private Jeweler, Entrepreneur, Sheetmetal Journeyman, and avid sportsman and adventurer. Jon is a born leader who has an undeniable talent for success in any venture he puts his attention towards. Currently leading the charge with our thriving Ambassador Program with over 300+ Ambassadors around the world, he has also assumed command as Chief Broseph to the Brose, $ROSE supporters.

+ More Oasis Team Members!

Key Dates

Content Games Launch: December 27, 2021–9:00AM PST

  • Submissions for the 2022 Oasis Content Games opens at 12:00 PM (12:00) December 27, 2021

Content Games Deadline: January 10, 2022–9:00PM PST

  • Submissions for the 2022 Oasis Content Games cut off at 12:00 AM (00:00) January 10, 2022

Content Judging Period: January 11–13, 2022

  • The Oasis team reviews all submissions for the 2022 Oasis Content Games

Winner Announcements: January 20th, 2022—12:00PM PST (Formerly January 14th, 2022–12:00PM PST)

  • The winners of the 2022 Oasis Content Games are announced and award grants sent to the winners’ Oasis addresses!

by January 10th, 2022 (9:00PM PST) to be eligible for a Content Games Award!



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