Bringing GCP’s Confidential VMs to Oasis Parcel

Oasis Labs is integrating GCP’s Confidential VM’s to unlock new use cases for Oasis Parcel

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3 min readFeb 16, 2021


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We’re excited to partner with Google Cloud Platform to bring their confidential computing product, Confidential VMs, to Oasis Parcel. Through this integration, companies using Parcel can provide scalable, secure computing environments as part of their products.

At Oasis Labs, we build end-to-end software solutions that help businesses manage, analyze, and control their data to enable innovation while still ensuring data remains private and secure. As privacy becomes increasingly important, integrating products like GCP’s Confidential VMs is critical to ensuring our customers have access to the strongest privacy and security technology.

What are Confidential VMs

Confidential VMs (virtual machine) are a new breakthrough technology that allow users to encrypt their most sensitive data while it’s being ported to, processed by, and stored in the cloud. Powered by the most advanced generation of processors, these VMs enable secure computing that is capable of processing large amounts of data without performance impact while protecting the analyses from compromise

Keeping Parcel Confidential with GCP

Parcel is used today by many companies such as Nebula Genomics to give their customers better insight and control over their own data. Nebula Genomics is a modern direct-to-consumer genetic testing company that provides strong privacy guarantees around individual’s genomic data. This type of data is particularly sensitive as it is a person’s genetic blueprint and therefore constitutes their quintessential identity that should never be copied or altered by any entity. Nebula uses Parcel and GCP’s Confidential VMs to retrieve genomic data from its users, run analysis on this data, and send individualized genetic reports based on credible scientific studies. These Confidential VMs allow large amounts of genomic data to be encrypted and analyzed while still maintaining customer privacy.

Nebula isn’t alone. Parcel is being deployed by many companies to bring better control and privacy to their products. This includes the ability to leverage Parcel’s powerful data governance features to provide better data control to their customers and GCPs Confidential VMs to ensure that data remains confidential and protected at every step of the lifecycle.

With the use of Confidential VMs, Parcel is now able to address an even more diverse range of issues and solutions for both businesses and developers. Looking ahead, Oasis Labs is excited to continue to partner with GCP to bring the best in data privacy technology to our customers and to expand support for new use-cases that are compute and memory intensive such as ML training. If you would like to build your infrastructure on Parcel, visit our website and request a demo here.