Community Concepts Hackathon Winners Shine Spotlight on Sapphire Use Cases

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Following the launch of the Sapphire ParaTime on testnet, we opened up a hackathon for builders to experience the industry’s first confidential EVM runtime. But we also turned to our community, asking them to share more ideas about what could be done with Sapphire.

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The Community Concepts was our nontechnical hackathon open to everyone. We asked you for ideas about what use case for Sapphire you believe will be most important or valuable.

We had numerous excellent ideas, from Web3 blood donation platforms to a crypto reward music video streaming service, but ultimately, we left it to the community to choose their top three.

What is Sapphire?

Sapphire is a groundbreaking developer environment as it is the first and only confidential Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible ParaTime. This runtime has the ability to help scale blockchain rapidly towards Web3 and allow EVM developers to quickly lay the foundations for privacy-enabled blockchain dApps, which are becoming a necessity as users demand data sovereignty.

At its core, Sapphire enables developers to build smart contracts that keep private aspects of state. Depending on which aspects a developer chooses to keep private, the contracts can be built to range the entire spectrum of confidentiality, from fully public to fully confidential.

Sapphire is a potent new tool for Solidity developers and can greatly expand what kinds of Web3 dApps can be built.

But before the building gets underway, our community shared their grand ideas that we could perhaps see enacted one day soon.

And the winners are…

1st Place SSN V2: A proposal for the architecture of an updated social security system, and more importantly, a trusted computational environment that follows identity validation. (social identity + private computational environment) Re-inventing the infrastructure that uses a 9-digit SSN for identity validation to minimize identity fraud, update the nation’s social-interactive capability, and strengthen citizens’ personal liberty.

2nd Place — Silent Mint: The goal of this project will be to create an NFT marketplace that allows novel methods to auction, sell, and mint NFTs. Features would include the ability to auction an NFT using a Second price auction or candle auction by leveraging Sapphire’s confidentiality features. It would also be possible to auction off whitelists for NFTs on other networks by auctioning of an NFT representing the ability to mint the NFT on the origin chain.

3rd Place — Reshaping the VPN: Sapphire would provide VPN users with true

sovereignty over log data, thereby resolving the issue of data log transparency. Acting as an additional measure so that VPN providers don’t monetize user data without consent.

If you would like to get a better understanding of the winning concepts, a full presentation can be viewed here:

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