Confidential NFTS Launching on Oasis Network — Art Meets Science in Bishop’s ‘Army of Minions’ NFT Collection

Charlie Bussat
Oasis Foundation


bishop’s NFT collection blossoms mathematics into exquisite art and is available in the MetaMirror Gallery
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‘Army of Minions’, a new exclusive NFT collection, is available on the MetaMirror Gallery on the Oasis Network. Created by an artist and scientist that goes by the name ‘bishop’, the NFTs are a composite of the two fields. The limited-edition NFT collection infuses distinct personalities and mathematical equations, resulting in a masterpiece of unique digital artwork.


bishop: Artist and Scientist

As a scientist, bishop spends a lot of his time working on statistics and mathematical equations. The countless hours devoted to mathematics set in motion an eagerness and drive to combine math with his passion for art, resulting in this unique NFT collection.

bishop’s lifelong curiosity led him to develop a program that endeavored to learn human preferences. bishop created algorithms that work in conjunction with design to enable creative explorations that neither a computer nor a human could create on their own. Army of Minions is a beautifully intricate digital masterpiece depicting an artist who has blossomed mathematics into exquisite art.

Army of Minions: The Story Behind the Collection

Army of Minions is an experiment in finding the beauty of math and artificial intelligence through art.

The first Minion emerged in November 2021 from a cauldron of numbers and functions. Through the near-infinite combinations of equations, the first angry Minion came to life, staring silently back at bishop. Each Minion is created entirely via a vast sequence of trigonometric and algebraic manipulations. The discovery of the specific chain of manipulations, their DNA (a tiny portion of one shown below), makes their existence so unlikely.


Rapidly, dozens of Minions spawned into existence — some happy, but the rest even more sinister than those before. Several more were created before the exploration turned into a new direction — something even darker — and then no further Minions appeared. In total, the exploration created 98 Minions; 77 of them will be available in this collection with 20 being available for purchase today and the rest will be sold in later drops through the following weeks.

Each minion image contains unique DNA displayed in the background.
Sinister vs. happy, which one do you choose?

Oasis Parcel powering Confidential NFTs

One of the intriguing parts of the Minions collection is also the use of Oasis privacy preserving technology called Parcel. The technology is integrated with the Metamirror NFT marketplace, where the NFT collection is launched and will enable only the owners of the NFTs to have access to the underlying mathematical function that created their Minions.

This exciting concept of connecting private NFT-based identity with ownership rights offers tantalizing possibilities for the future, especially effective ownership asset trading both transparently and without compromising privacy and security.

Oasis Parcel gives creators a truly secure way to:

  • Store their digital assets
  • Govern how those assets are used and viewed
  • Enable computation on the assets, e.g., to verify ownership
  • Maintain a record of how each of their assets has been used

Additional bishop’s NFT Collections will be available on the Oasis Network

Cini and Chai: Two Similar Cats. Two Very Different Personalities

The same underlying concept to Army of Minions, Cini and Chai collection tells the story of two cats in a unique colorful manner. Cini and Chai offer a more vibrant visual compared to the sinister and brooding Minions from the first collection. Sometimes it’s easier to see the world purely through math. Even the moods of these two felines are represented by a series of images — each of which is generated by an intricate math equation.

The many moods of Cini and Chai.


bishop’s future NFT collection (in the works) to be released on the Oasis Network delves into the intersection of math and the centuries old art of textile design Postmodern Textiles reinterpret popular patterns with a digital twist. bishop uses his expansive knowledge of math and art to deliver another collection of visually stimulating digital art forms.

bishop’s vision for textile design.

Why is Oasis the best network to support NFTs?

Oasis enables privacy-preserving technology to expand the design space and potential for NFTs. Programmable privacy gives NFT creators more choices and flexibility when creating their tokens, best exemplified by bishop’s Army of Minions where the functions that created the artwork will only be accessible to the owners of the NFT through the use of Parcel, the Oasis privacy preserving technology.

As the official EVM compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network, Emerald allows for:

  • Easy Integration with EVM-based DApps, such as DeFi, NFT, and Crypto Gaming
  • Scalability — Increased Throughput of Transactions
  • Low-Cost — 99%+ Lower Fees Than Ethereum
  • Cross-Chain Bridge to Enable Cross-Chain Interoperability

Oasis Network Welcomes All Builders

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