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Data Staking Derivative — The Oasis Protocol Foundation x StaFi

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The Oasis Protocol Foundation and StaFi Protocol reached a strategic cooperation on December 1st. Both parties seek to ease the process of importing personal data into an exchange by data generators, which is based on Staking Derivatives(rToken). This will support the “Authorization” of personal private data in a decentralized way, which can be used by data generators to obtain revenue.

Data Staking Derivatives

We are living in a ‘Big Data’ world. As long as we are using electronic terminals, data is being generated endlessly. However, the usage and ownership of this data has been a controversial issue. The most obvious problem is that the ownership of personal data by the data generators exists in name only. On the other hand, people who gather data enjoy substantial income, but the data’s real owners get nothing in return.

Blockchain has brought the idea of decentralization to the world. The first thing to do is to regain ownership of data. Many teams in the blockchain world are specialized in data privacy protection. Oasis, which stands out by its academic background, is one of them.

With StaFi’s ability to provide data application solutions and the Oasis Network’s capacity for confidential compute, we see the partnership as an opportunity to unlock a broad range of new use cases in blockchain. For example, that StaFi can provide users of privacy products on Oasis with data “lending” services through derivative(rToken). The exchange, namely ‘Money Market’ formed by rToken, can help data producers claim ownership of data.

The aforementioned ‘Lending’ is different to the ‘token lending’ in the DeFi world. It can be interpreted as the authorization of data. If we define lending this way, a Data Lending Contract/Protocol jointly drafted by Oasis and StaFi can be described as follows:

Through Oasis data products, users store personal privacy data, which is completely owned by themselves. When there’s a market demand for certain personal data, users can Stake their data through StaFi’s Staking Contract. They will obtain rData, which is a Data Derivative on StaFi. Back to Oasis protocol, rData can be authorized for the market to use data. In return, the market will pay the data producer.

During the process, StaFi will provide rData with a data authorization/transaction market, allowing users to authorize/trade private data to third parties in an encrypted manner. Under this framework, buyers will evaluate the value of data by various data models and pay accordingly.

Oasis introduced the types, models and problems of existing valuation models on their. They are currently flawed in terms of Query, Data-attribute or Auction. Moreover, Oasis has proposed related amendments, which can effectively improve the effectiveness, purpose and fairness of data valuation. Among them, fairness is of high priority, for the MoneyMarket will evaluate data by that parameter and make payments.

The rData-based Money Market is a data derivative solution combined with Oasis products proposed by StaFi. Considering the scale and the complexity of data, rData will be created as a specific product derived from data to meet different functions. For example, the Diagnosis data of a disease can be used for follow-up research of that illness. Meanwhile, the same data can also be used for pathological research in other disciplines. This makes rData a general term for a type of data-derived assets. With rData, the original data can be used more effectively.

The reliability of the entire agreement relies on the synergy between Oasis and StaFi. The data privacy and third-party data protection will be guaranteed by Oasis’s product. StaFi will build ‘Money Market’, an exchange based on rData as a derivative. Only when the two parties cooperate well with each other can they create a system that helps users increase the value of their data.

rToken & rData

For now, it’s difficult for us to define the relations between rToken and rData. They are both Staking Derivatives. rData can be treated as one particular rToken, but rData to some extent goes beyond rToken, with greater scalability and possibilities.

Of course, StaFi is mainly focused on providing liquidity for Stak Asset. rData integration is a future direction to cooperate with Oasis. The infrastructure built by focusing on the liquidity of Staked Asset will support rData development as well. We believe StaFi And Oasis will have more cooperation in the direction of Data in the coming years.


Our partnership is just the beginning. StaFi and Oasis will together explore more such possibilities. The cooperation will focus on data which is based on Staking Derivatives. Currently, the idea of the above smart contract/protocol has been well recognized by both teams.

“Bringing Liquid Staking to Oasis is a fundamental milestone for us. Thanks to this partnership with Stafi, we will be able to incentivize participation into staking, which creates a more secure network, while increasing the liquidity on the Oasis Network.” Luca Cosentino, Oasis DeFi Lead

About Oasis

The Oasis Foundation () is an organization supporting the development and ecosystem surrounding the Oasis Network. The Oasis Network is the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Designed to give users back control and ownership of their data and financial sovereignty, the Foundation’s mission is to enable projects, developers and community members who seek to realize this vision. To learn more about the Oasis Network go to oasisprotocol.org or follow the Foundation on or .

About StaFi Protocol

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. FIS is the native token on StaFi Chain. FIS is required to provide security to the network by staking, pay for transaction fees on the StaFi chain, and mint & redeem rTokens.

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