DevAccelerator Spotlight: Bankex

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This is a part of a series highlighting the work of developers on the Oasis Network through the new DevAccelerator Program. Go here to learn more about the program and apply.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

And a bit about your project?

MainWallet is a “create a button — make money” type of product — it is aimed at people who have a big following on new social media and are seeking to monetize it by acting like a “social banker” or at merchants looking to sell their products via messengers.

When and why did you first get excited about blockchain technology?

Trying to evolve this business to other services he discovered that blockchain could replace humans up and down the financial services industry foodchain. This was the genesis of Bankex. Terabytes of code (264 repositories) loaded onto GitHub later, Bankex has built a platform capable of handling the their spectrum of commercial and invest banking on blockchain. The platform has quite a bit of expensive IP in it, with 15 patents for such inventions as digital asset custody and tokenization framework filed. The platform encompasses software that pushes the envelope in such areas as Digital Custody, sharding, plasma, proof-of-asset, Zero-Knowledge Proof, single sign-on, payment gateway etc.

What made you interested in the Oasis network?

When Oasis is a platform for creating DeFi apps, we are the platform for distributing these apps in messengers. We have built a centralized platform (soon to become a bank) that will host DeFi apps in the banking-as-a-service type of an environment. A client would feel that using these services is an intuitive imperative.

Together, Bankex and Oasis will be enabling mass adoption of DeFi services.

Any big milestones coming up for your project that our readers should know about?

How can others try out your product? Learn more about what you’re up to?

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