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NFTb is all in on the metaverse with native integration to the Oasis Network

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The integration will enable Metaverse projects built on Oasis with access to high-quality NFTs and projects that launch on Oasis with a holistic suite of tools. NFTb will initially run on Emerald — The EVM compatible Paratime. Emerald provides marketplaces instant finality, fees 99% cheaper than ETH, and high throughput of up to 1000 Transactions Per Second.

Introducing NFTb

NFTb has created a platform for users to easily engage with DeFi and NFTs. Earlier this year, NFTb was a first mover in enabling access to users who were priced out of engaging with NFTs due to high gas fees on Ethereum.

NFTb currently offers:

  • A curated NFT marketplace purpose-built for Digital Artists, Gamers, and Music Enthusiasts.
  • A DeFi platform empowering projects to access customized staking and farming services.
  • A first of its kind dual NFT and token launchpad created to help projects and creators launch in a way that’s fair for all.

What this means for the Oasis Community

The native integration into the Oasis Network will see it bring all these features to the Oasis Community. Including 750+ verified creators and over 5000 curated NFTs already on the platform.

The platform expects to provide its users with the ability to migrate their portfolio of NFTs (art, gaming, music, etc.) on NFTb between Metaverses. NFTb has chosen to build on the Oasis Network signaling their belief that Oasis will be a key player in protecting the value created in the metaverse. As privacy becomes critical to metaverse projects looking to build, the partnership will help creators of NFTs, games, and metaverse easily build in the leading privacy features of the Oasis Network.

“Earlier this year NFTb was one of the first platforms to enable users with greater access to NFTs through significant cost savings. We look forward to building on Oasis to offer the same benefits with the addition of Privacy, which will be vital when we help users connect their portfolio of NFTs in the metaverse, ” said Tommy So, COO of NFTb.

Oasis is the first chain NFTb is expanding to in their multi-chain vision. This will mean that artists, developers, and projects in the Oasis network are going to be able to access NFTb’s suite of products (Launchpad, DeFi Platform, NFT Marketplace, and DEX) to launch their projects on the NFTb platform, directly on the Oasis network.

NFTb and Oasis have chosen to make this partnership because we believe together in the transformative benefits that confidential computation technologies bring to the NFT and intellectual property industry. By giving creators and artists the right to own their content and data we empower them all, big and small alike.

Our shared vision — digital sovereignty

We see NFTb as a company that is radically innovating in the space. The list of new product lines they are building include:

  • NFTb Stars — a Full-service NFT fan engagement platform to help high profile artists take back the rights to their work.
  • Cross-chain NFTs that are fully compatible with all EVM based chains (E.g. Oasis, AVAX, FTM)
  • NFTb Music — Music focused NFT and DeFi Platform
  • NFTb Gaming — Gaming focused NFT and DeFi Platform
  • NFTb Swap — DEX with IFO and multi-asset liquidity mining

Their vision though, is what really sets this project apart. They understand the value of privacy in a world where digital ownership rights exist. They are actively considering this partnership as a way of establishing NFTb as a key player in digital ownership of the metaverse.

As we all grow our activities in the metaverse, as well as our portfolios of NFTs, we’ll need cross-chain platforms like NFTb. They will remove the steps between bringing your NFT from one place to another. With this integration, they are taking a first step towards safeguarding your NFT portfolios with the Oasis Network’s industry-leading privacy features.

About Oasis

Oasis is the leading decentralized, privacy-enabled, layer-1 blockchain network. Combined with its high throughput, low gas fees, and secure architecture, the Oasis Network is able to power scalable DeFi, revolutionizing Open Finance and expanding it beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. Oasis has many key backers including Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, and Binance Labs, and several projects already building on its network & partners such as the CryptoSafe Alliance with Binance, The BMW Group, Chainlink, Balancer, and others. Oasis is among the top three invested blockchains and has one of the fastest-growing developer networks in the industry.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Community

About NFTb

NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

NFTb offers a premium NFT marketplace where users can access buyers from anywhere around the world and multi-chains, a DeFi platform giving users access to yield farming opportunities, and a launchpad created to help creators and projects to build early support.

Join the NFTb community Telegram, Follow their Twitter or get involved at nftb.io



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