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Oasis Bloom Hackathon Webinar Recap

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How to Build Dapps on Oasis Network

The Oasis Bloom Hackathon webinar took place on March 23 and we had a full house!

You can watch the recording here and find the presentation here.

Our experienced investors, Anthony Cheng, Principal at Newman Capital, Hendrik Hofstadt, Director at Jump Crypto and Jack Lu, Managing Director at NGC Ventures shared their thoughts about the future of DEFI and GameFi and offered valuable tips to the teams.

After that a deep-dive technical session followed, demoing how to build DApps on Oasis Network.

The $200,000 Oasis Bloom Hackathon, with the support of Jump Crypto, Newman Capital, Neo Global Capital, and Hashed, will take place on the Devpost platform until May 2, 2022. Don’t forget to submit your project here

Remember that ALL eligible Oasis Bloom Hackathon participants are eligible
to receive an NFT & MBuddy Blockchain Identity Badge!

We are already planning our next events, so follow our social media channels to learn more!

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A better internet is only a matter of time. The Oasis network is trying to fix what’s broken by giving users back control of their data using a combination of secure compute and a proof-of-stake blockchain.

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