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Oasis Network Roadmap

Product milestones and adoption initiatives planned for Q2 & Q3


Technology Roadmap

Oasis SDK

Oasis Protocol Foundation ParaTime and Confidentiality

Interoperability Across ParaTimes and With External Networks

Oasis-first Wallets

Network Adoption

Bringing ROSE to the Oasis-Eth ParaTime

ParaTimes Standardization

Privacy Enabled DeFi

Parcel on the Oasis Network

$1.5 M in Ecosystem Grants

New Partnerships

Looking Forward



A better internet is only a matter of time. The Oasis network is trying to fix what’s broken by giving users back control of their data using a combination of secure compute and a proof-of-stake blockchain.

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Oasis Network

A privacy-first, proof-of-stake, decentralized network. Learn more at https://oasisprotocol.org/ & sign up to our newsletter at https://oasisl.ink/3ha7bHy