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Oasis Network Roadmap

Product milestones and adoption initiatives planned for Q2 & Q3


The Oasis team is hard at work building new features for the Oasis Network and driving growth and adoption of the network as a whole. Here’s a quick a summary of what we’re focusing on for the coming quarters:

  • A new ParaTime built by the Oasis Protocol Foundation designed to give developers access to confidential smart contracts, and powerful new tools like a bridge with Ethereum.
  • Support for IBC allowing easy communication with other networks using the protocol.
  • A new suite of Oasis-first wallets that are both web based and easily accessed as a chrome extension.
  • A host of new improvements and projects coming to the Oasis-Eth ParaTime like Uniswap v2 and more.
  • The launch of Parcel as a ParaTime, bringing the 20+ projects developing with the API full onto the Oasis Network.
  • New adoption initiatives like a $1.5M grants program, Private DEX and more.

Technology Roadmap

With the Cobalt Upgrade the Oasis Network has been upgraded with infrastructure necessary for growing the application and protocol ecosystem built on top of the network. In Q2 and Q3, the Oasis Protocol Foundation will dedicate resources to make the development process of high-level applications more accessible, expand interoperability between ParaTimes and with other networks, and further our core mission of enabling strong privacy and confidentiality features.

Oasis SDK

We are hard at work in preparing the initial version of the Oasis SDK which contains the following two major components:

  • The Client SDK supports both the consensus layer and ParaTimes based on the SDK and enables one to build rich client applications without worrying about the low-level details. The initial versions of the SDK are already being used by grantees to build Oasis-first wallets (more on that below). The first supported languages are Go and TypeScript.

Oasis Protocol Foundation ParaTime and Confidentiality

The Oasis Protocol Foundation ParaTime will be based on the new Oasis SDK and will be the home of new, high-level confidentiality features. While confidentiality is already supported in the core network implementation (i.e., Oasis Core), there is still work to be done to make it first-class and available to developers in a more high-level and friendly way.

Interoperability Across ParaTimes and With External Networks

Interoperability is key in enabling access to the wider ecosystem. This is why we are focusing on three areas:

  • Cross-ParaTime Communication will standardize a set of specifications for ParaTimes to talk to each other by exchanging arbitrary messages. A unique advantage of the ParaTime architecture is that ParaTimes can be aware of each other’s state roots in a trustworthy manner through the shared consensus layer. The messages themselves do not need to go through the consensus layer which makes the whole system more scalable. This feature will allow ParaTimes implementing different applications to exchange virtual assets and data.
  • Support for IBC is also planned to be implemented as a ParaTime SDK module. It will allow communication with other networks which support the inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC). Some initial steps have already been taken to make sure that the state commitment schemes are compatible with ICS-23 implementations.

Oasis-first Wallets

Providing Oasis-first wallets was suggested multiple times by Oasis community members (#2, #19) and we are happy to announce that two Oasis-first wallets are in development:

  • Oasis Chrome Extension Wallet is a Chrome extension wallet developed on top of our Client SDK by a ROSE Bloom grantee and a node operator, Bit Cat (@wjdfx), famous for his excellent Oasis Scan block explorer. The extension wallet will enable users to fully management of their ROSE tokens (transfers, staking), ability to sign both consensus layer and ParaTime transactions within Oasis web applications (e.g. Oasis-Ethereum Bridge, DeFi applications). It will feature Ledger support, interoperable key derivation (ADR 0008), multi-account support, multi-language support and much more. It is expected to be available by end of May.

Network Adoption

We often talk about the technology we’re building to support the growth of the Oasis Network. In this section, we want to update you on other equally-important pieces of work that are impacting how developers adopt the technology and improvements coming to the Oasis Network.

Bringing ROSE to the Oasis-Eth ParaTime

Oasis-Eth ParaTime is on track to integrate with the ParaTime SDK to support ROSE tokens in the ParaTime in late Q2 or early Q3.

ParaTimes Standardization

Thanks to the ParaTime SDK, ParaTimes will soon be able to talk to each other. The Oasis-Eth ParaTime is already working to support the proposed standard and the new ParaTime by the Oasis Foundation will natively adopt it. Once the ParaTime communication layer is built, Dapps will be able to call contracts that live on either ParaTime: this doesn’t only remove trade-offs between development environments and main properties of the ParaTimes, but it also allows existing Dapps to port existing contracts to the Oasis-Eth ParaTime and add confidentiality only where it matters the most. By calling confidential smart contracts, existing Dapps will be able to progressively embed privacy into applications, without having to start from scratch.

Privacy Enabled DeFi

With the launch of the Oasis Protocol ParaTime, the Oasis Network will have developer friendly support for confidential smart contracts. This will enable the numerous DeFi partnerships already working on their integrations to more easily leverage the unique privacy properties of the Oasis Network. Our goal during the coming quarters is to not only build this ParaTime and it’s supporting technology, but also expand the pool of active DeFi projects on the Oasis Network.

Parcel on the Oasis Network

The full transformation of Parcel in a ParaTime means that companies using Parcel today (over 20) and the new companies that come every day to integrate privacy in their flows will be able to write transactions onto the Oasis Network without having to deal with smart contracts.

$1.5 M in Ecosystem Grants

Because of the progress the team has made to make the Oasis Network ready and given the excellent performance of the upgrades, the Oasis community has voted to commit up to $1.5M in Grants to support the development of ideas that either improve the Oasis Network or leverage it to build new use cases. Apply here.

New Partnerships

Partnerships have been a critical part of the Oasis Network; from node operators to DeFi primitives and Dapps, the Oasis Network will continue to attract the newest and most popular players in Blockchain. We will constantly release updates on this subject, with a steady cadence of new announcements coming out each month.

Looking Forward

This roadmap is just the beginning. We have a lot more in store for the coming quarters, so please join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news and activities!



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