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Oasis Tutorial Contest: Winners Announced

In July, we launched the Oasis Tutorial Contest, calling on our knowledgeable community to create useful and simple-to-follow tutorials on all aspects of the network. We were overwhelmed with excellent submissions but have chosen our Top 10 submissions.

Community Translations: Hindi | Indonesian | German | Russian | Serbian | Turkish | Korean

Apart from the cash prize, we will also feature these tutorials on the official Oasis channels and documentation.

Let’s dive into our Top 10 winners!

Blayde Rath takes potential Oasis node validators through a comprehensive and well-thought-out tutorial on how to set up a validator node on the Oasis Network in this YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9GrDPDFvaU

Everstake has outlined on Github how to maneuver through the modular architecture of Oasis and set up a validator node on the Oasis Network Mainnet, as well as on one of the ParaTimes, Emerald.

See the Tweet thread here: https://twitter.com/everstake_pool/status/1566793127268163587

Michal Každan Wrote a guide for those looking to set up a developer environment on Oasis, on the ParaTime layer, and a tutorial on how to deploy your first contract on the Emerald ParaTime.

Read it here: https://medium.com/web3-magazine/oasis-network-deploy-your-first-smart-contract-on-emerald-evm-paratime-c0467744c239

Elysha Nillo dove into the world of NFTs on Oasis and made a video guide on launching an NFT collection easily with MetaMirror MLaunch.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc286TqRBsE&feature=youtu.be

Dayal KS Went into some depth when looking at how to get set up with an Oasis Wallet and what you can do with your wallet. Including staking and moving ROSE between the consensus layer and the ParaTime layer

Read the document: https://medium.com/@dayalsahadevan85/oasis-network-quick-user-guide-cff323529efd

Iurii Sergeevich Arkhipov also made an excellent tutorial on getting set up and using an Oasis Wallet in this YouTube Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm3t_eqxpPQ

Ruma Das Went into some depth with the Oasis wallet, writing an excellent tutorial for all basic functions, from setup to account management, sending, receiving, and general settings.

Read it here: https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/bitcoin-and-crypto-guide/how-to-use-the-oasis-wallet/

Ruma Das Took things further with his second successful tutorial submission. In this article, Das explains what a ParaTime is, where you can get the ROSE token, and how you can stake it to earn rewards.

Read it here: https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/passive-income/staking/how-to-stake-the-rose-token/

Justin Dacosta provided us with a Video from his NFT Shorts channel about the Oasis Ecosystem and how you go about staking ROSE on the Network.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug3JsSSpG2Y&feature=youtu.be

checkpoint also made an exciting tutorial on launching NFTs with MetaMirror and the MLaunch platform on Oasis Network.

See the link here: https://twitter.com/Checkpoint373/status/1587254148721958912?s=20&t=rdsY2WI5KX_DMkAHzfWe4g

Thanks to all who submitted tutorials, and congratulations to our top 10. These tutorials will be used across our platforms to educate and help others get more accustomed to using the Oasis Network and its ecosystem



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