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The Amber Network Launch Details

Details for the Community Node Program and Wallet Testers

In a previous post, we introduced the next major milestone on the Oasis Network — the Amber Network, the Oasis Network’s release candidate for Mainnet. In this post we want to share the details of the launch.

The Amber Network will launch on Thursday, June 18, at 4pm UTC. Mark your calendars and prepare to kick off this new network!

Steps to take before then:

  1. Before June 15 11:59pm UTC: Submit your entity package following these instructions
  2. Before Thursday, June 18: Follow these instructions (Note we will add the genesis file to download next week)

Community Node Program

You will start the network off with the tokens noted here. If you DID NOT win Tokens in the Quest but are still interested in participating, fill out this form and we’ll review for our Community Node Program.

Reminder: Wallet Testers

A reminder that in addition to running nodes we’re also looking for a few wallet testers. As a wallet tester we’ll give you some early documentation and some test AMBER tokens and ask you to mess around with it. In exchange (assuming eligibility) you’ll get a small token sum at Mainnet launch.

To become a wallet tester, Sign up here.

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