The starter’s guide to the Oasis ROSE wallet

Jack Booth
Oasis Foundation


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We all have to start somewhere, and if you’re looking to start your journey into the ROSE token. There’s no better place than this article to get you set up with a wallet, sending and receiving ROSE and learning how to stake to earn yield on your tokens.

The most requested platform by the Oasis Network community has been a safe place to store and stake their ROSE tokens.

Introducing the official Oasis ROSE wallets!

As of today, we are launching the web wallet to be your front page for everything ROSE related and the browser extension for quick and easy access to your ROSE when you need it.

This guide will serve as an introduction to the wallets and their features. It will help you to:

  1. Set up a wallet
  2. Fund your account
  3. Import a wallet or link your Ledger hardware wallet
  4. Send and receive ROSE
  5. Stake your ROSE tokens
  6. And reclaim your staked tokens

For a quick run through of the both wallets, we’ve created a walkthrough video for both the web wallet and the browser extension.

Set up a wallet

You can find

Both wallets have very similar set up processes, with highly secure authentication via a mnemonic phrase (24 words for the web wallet, 12 for the extension).

Click to create a wallet and you’ll be shown your mnemonic phrase (like below). You should copy this down somewhere especially safe, preferably offline where it can’t be hacked from your local files. If you lose it you will lose access to your wallet so this is very important.

Once you’ve saved your phrase, confirm you’ve done so and it will ask you to fill in the blanks

Then you’re in! You’ll see the homepage of your wallet with the total balance of the account, how much you have available, how much you have staked and how much you have waiting to be released from staking under “Debonding”.

Obviously in our new account we’re not going to have any ROSE yet so next, lets fund our account!

Funding your account

There will be plenty of “brose” reading, who have been stacking ROSE tokens any and every way they can. For the few here who are just starting out though, you can buy ROSE at many of the larger exchanges including Binance and KuCoin — Check out more places to buy ROSE on CoinMarketCap here.

Once you have ROSE it’s very easy to transfer it to your ROSE wallet — Just copy and paste your wallet address (shown highlighted below) and withdraw to your new wallet.

Import a wallet or link your Ledger hardware wallet

If you’re wanting to import an existing wallet or link to your Ledger.

Head back to the home screen and click open wallet:

You get 3 options to open your existing wallet:

  • Mnemonic — use your saved Mnemonic phrase from earlier
  • Private Key — Input your private key
  • Ledger — use your USB connected Ledger device

Using a Ledger hardware wallet with the web wallet or browser extension is the most secure way to interact with the Oasis network; as your funds remain on your ledger and can be disconnected from the internet at anytime.

Send and receive ROSE

We’ve gone through receiving ROSE but sending ROSE couldn’t be faster, easier or cheaper. It takes roughly 6 seconds for ROSE to move from one wallet to another — much faster than many other L1 blockchains and at a fraction of the cost.

To send ROSE:

  1. Open up your wallet
  2. Enter an address under “Recipient”
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to send
  4. Click Send
  5. Confirm your transaction details are correct
  6. Done!

Once you’ve successfully sent a transaction you’ll get a confirmation message like the one below.

You should also see the transaction details in your transactions history.

Stake your ROSE tokens

The most exciting feature of our new wallets is the ability to directly stake your funds with network validators and earn a slice of that validator’s staking rewards — based on the amount you stake.

Head to the Stake section of the app to see all the active network validators, the total amount delegated to them, and under “Fee” — the % fee they take from your rewards should you delegate funds to them.

Pro Tip: You can calculate your expected staking rewards overtime here.

By clicking on any of the validators you will reveal their:

  • Rank amongst validators based on total amount staked to them
  • The total amount staked
  • The % yield that staking your ROSE will generate
  • The bounds of where that yield should fluctuate between
  • The status of the validator, either active or inactive

It is here that you can then delegate your ROSE to a validator to earn a % of your tokens back as rewards for securing the network. The rewards decrease over time from Mainnet launch, read more about the rewards schedule here.

To delegate your ROSE you simply input the amount you want to stake and click delegate.

Bear in mind that once your funds are staked you will not have instant access to them. Currently it is ~14 days from debonding funds to those funds being available again in your wallet.

And reclaim your staked tokens

If it’s that time and you’re ready to reclaim some of your staked ROSE. Head to your “active delegations” tab and you will see all the ROSE you have staked.

To reclaim (or debond) you’ll just have to:

  1. Click the delegation you want to withdraw from,
  2. Enter the amount you want to reclaim
  3. Review the transaction details and click to confirm
  4. That’s it — your fund will now begin to be debonded

You’ll now see that debonding transaction within the “debonding delegations” tab along with the expected “Epoch” those funds will be released.


There you have it. A quick introduction and walkthrough into the new Oasis ROSE wallet. As always, you can continue to ask any further questions in the community on

You can also see the walkthrough videos for both